Real Life ‘Jackie Justice’ From MMA – Stories No Less Inspiring Than The Film

Real Life ‘Jackie Justice’ From MMA – Stories No Less Inspiring Than The Film

Halle Berry, returning to the big screen as Jackie Justice, was a big surprise which fans weren’t ready for. It wasn’t just the acting that Halle Berry aced, as even her directorial vision for the movie was impressive, considering it was her debut directorial. However, fans might have developed a liking for the extreme sport.

And if you want to root for fighters like Jackie Justice, then we have got just the right candidates lined up for you. These UFC fighters have stories that will send a shiver down your spine. But their struggles will inspire you to give your best in every aspect of your life.

Anderson Silva

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter has experienced poverty firsthand. As Anderson was an orphan, he had to live with his aunt and uncle, which meant money was tight. Even though Jiu-Jitsu in Brazil is a martial art for the rich, Anderson worked hard to make a place for his own.

And as fate would have it, Anderson held the middleweight championship for seven years, and that record stands to this date. However, currently, Israel Adesanya holds the title.

Miesha Tate (Jackie Justice 1)

The bantamweight champion has had her fair share of struggles before she became a fighter. Miesha lived in an RV with her boyfriend, Bryan Caraway, to save money for her training. Even after winning the title, Meisha had to battle it out with depression. The fighter has made a strong comeback after five years of retirement in 2016.

Conor Mcgregor

The cocky fighter had humble beginnings before he started earning enormous sums of money per match. Conor worked as a plumber in Ireland before he entered the octagon. ‘The Notorious’ pursued his heart and left the plumbing work to become a professional fighter.

This fighter will inspire you to follow your hearts, and just like Conor, you will knock out the problems in your life. Conor has now become a fan favorite thanks to his larger-than-life persona and impressive fighting skills. The 155-pound fighter has a 74-inch reach, which unfortunately did not help him much against Dustin Poirier in UFC 264.

Joanne Wood (Jackie Justice 2)

Another female fighter had to endure tough conditions to make it to UFC. Joanne Wood, also known as JoJo, has a reach of 65 inches and weighs 125 pounds. Imagine working 12-hour shifts taking care of old and young patients on ventilation. Joanne trained in such conditions but in the end, had to give up her job for her love of fighting.

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Let us know in the comments which UFC fighter will you support.

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