RATES’ SKY HIGH! Kanye West’s Donda Studio That He Rented for $1 Million Sees a Rocketing Price Raise

RATES’ SKY HIGH! Kanye West’s Donda Studio That He Rented for $1 Million Sees a Rocketing Price Raise

The studio that Kanye West rented is available on an hourly basis again. The Donda singer is known for doing things the grand way, which has often proved to be successful as well. He is known for spending big when it comes to taking spaces on rent for projects where he meets various creative people.

One of these studios is Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium. He reportedly recorded and finished his Donda album there in 2021. Right now the singer’s musical career has come to a halt due to his new marriage and other controversies. Meanwhile, the studio is available for rent and they have put up the expected price range on an hourly basis.

The studio that Kanye West rented for the Donda album announces its hourly rate

It is not known when Kanye West will drop an album next, but the studio he once rented is back on the market. A studio renting site called Stufinder has posted an advertisement about renting out the Atlanta studio for $50,000 an hour. The Mercedes Benz Stadium’s studio can allow up to six people at a time and allows smoking. The advertisement says, “The iconic Donda room.” It also mentions how the studio comes with a full recording setup where Donda was recorded but does not include Kanye West. However, bookings are not guaranteed.

The site also took to Twitter to add that you do not have to pay if the booking is not confirmed. West paid around $1 million a day to accommodate himself in the studio. As per HipHopDx, the Gold Digger singer would make everyone around wear the Donda T-shirt to get them in the vibe.

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The album was eventually released through GOOD Music on the 29th of August, 2021. It ranked first on the Billboard chart and won nominations for several Grammy Awards, even bagging some of them. Stufinder has assured to keep fans updated about whoever rents the place next. As for now, Ye is in financial trouble, due to his controversies.

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