Rapper French Montana Posts His Picture With the Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev With This Hilarious Caption

Rapper French Montana Posts His Picture With the Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev With This Hilarious Caption

Scammers aren’t uncommon. But a scammer whose life and actions are the subject of a Netflix documentary is. Hence, if you ever come across a person like this, you’re obligated to post about it on social media, irrespective of whether you were his victim. This is precisely what rapper French Montana did. The 37-year-old realized he’d met Shimon Hayut, aka Simon Leviev, the man we now know as The Tinder Swindler.

Clearly, Montana has quite the sense of humor as he not-so-subtly called out Simon‘s victims and the shenanigans Hayut has pulled.

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What did French Montana post?

To be able to understand Montana’s post, here’s a little context for our readers who haven’t yet seen the documentary on Netflix.

The Tinder Swindler, Shimon Hayut, changed his name to Simon Leviev. After falsely convincing women on dating apps that he is related to the diamond oligarch Leviev family, he would take them on extravagant dates. Sometimes, it would be an exotic trip, other times, extravagant gifts.

When Hayut was sure the women he’d targeted began trusting him fully, he would send a video of his bleeding “bodyguard”. Like something out of John Wick, he’d mention how he needs financial aid. The “aid” was just a few hundred dollars that this millionaire would have no issue returning. The women, having witnessed his designer clothing and private jets, would send the money. And that’s when he’d begin threatening them with creepy messages they wouldn’t be able to forget for years.

All the money Hayut spent on his new targets was in fact defrauded from his previous victims. The new victims and their money would keep this cycle going.

All of this came to light when Netflix released The Tinder Swindler. The documentary, as we all know, is about Hayut’s crimes that he still hasn’t received punishment for. Following the massive popularity of the same, Moroccan-American rapper French Montana posted a picture of him with Hayut with this hilarious caption.

The Tinder Swindler is currently topping the Netflix top 10 charts. This makes it the first documentary on the platform to achieve this feat. Stream on Netflix now!

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