Ralph Macchio Net Worth and How Much Money He Make From Cobra Kai?

Ralph Macchio Net Worth and How Much Money He Make From Cobra Kai?

Nearly 30 years ago, The Karate Kid was released in 1984, and within a few days, Ralph Macchio was thrust into stardom. In 2018, the star duo of the film, Ralph Macchio, and William Zabka returned to the franchise in Cobra Kai.

Ralph Macchio came as co-executive producer of the show and he even reprised his role as Daniel LaRusso. In the conversation with Forbes, Ralph he explained his comeback. He said,The number one most important thing before I signed on to do the show, was that the essence of Mr. Miyagi and his teachings, the relationship they had and how it formed and shaped his life was there.”

How much money does Ralph Macchio make from Cobra Kai?

When Cobra Kai season 1 and 2 premiered as a YouTube Original in 2018, it didn’t attract many viewers. However, when Netflix picked up the show in Season 3, the show became a sensation and even moved to number 1 on the list of most-streamed series on the streaming giant.

Ralph Macchio is one of the high-profile actors in Cobra Kai because of his role in The Karate Kid franchise.  Celebrity Net Worth reports, “Ralph who reprises his role as Daniel LaRusso, earned a reported $100,000 per episode for the first two seasons, which works out to around $1 million per season per person.”

In conversation with Business Insider, Macchio claims he likes ten episodes per season with a 30-minute duration because “you can take a five-hour movie and cut it up into half-hour parts.”

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Ralph Macchio’s net worth

Ralph Macchio’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million in 2021. He has been working as an actor since 16 and earns mostly from films and series. Aside from Daniel LaRusso in The Karate Kid franchise and Cobra Kai, Macchio’s other popular roles are in Up The Academy, The Outsiders, and Eight Is Enough.

For years, different people have pitched their ideas about the sequel of The Karate Kid and Macchio reluctantly declined them every time. Then why did he say yes to Cobra Kai?

In answer, Ralph Macchio says, “Well, the credit goes to Jon, Josh, and Hayden, the creators. These guys really had a very well-thought-out pitch by coming in through the eyes of Johnny Lawrence – basically turning the prism view in the universe.”

He also added, “And they had such passion. It was an instinct that they wanted to make a show the fans wanted to see. I have said “no” for 30 years. I was definitely the last guy to come to the party.“

Well, it is safe to say that we all are glad the actor said yes to Cobra Kai because without him the series would not be the same. What do you think of Macchio and his reason for joining the hit Netflix show? Comment down below.

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  1. Reply
    May 22, 2022 at 3:50 am

    My God! I love this show so much! Makes me laugh, cry and remember the good times. Please don’t ever stop making new seasons.

  2. Reply
    Michael Williams
    September 15, 2022 at 10:09 am

    It is a nostalgic ride that I was willing to take so that I can see Danielson do some wicked karate moves in his 50’s. I never got to sweep the leg of an opponent in my 2 years of karate lessons nor have I ever owned a bonsai tree. The show is bordering on being corny and the storylines are wearing thin but somehow it works. Willy Z is hilarious and should be receiving offers for other roles down the line. To sum up my review, I will watch it rabidly while I try to catch flies with chopsticks. I give the show 3 out of 4 wax on wax offs!!!

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