“Queer, not queer, it’s for everyone”: ‘Heartstopper’ Cast Tells Why the Netflix Show Is Relevant for All Audiences

“Queer, not queer, it’s for everyone”: ‘Heartstopper’ Cast Tells Why the Netflix Show Is Relevant for All Audiences

Netflix is the most popular streaming website in the world. And there are many reasons why it has been dominating other OTT platforms for all these years now. One of the reasons can be how diversified its content is. And we aren’t just talking about movies or TV shows but also the Netflix Original content it exclusively produces. They range from sci-fi epics to coming-of-age teen drama. One such show on Netflix is Heartstopper.

On its surface, the show might seem like a generic tale of a boy trying to make it through a school full of bullies while being the only openly gay student. But the show’s cast assures everyone that whether you are a part of LGBTQ+ or not, there is something in Heartstopper that will resonate with you.

There is more to Heartstopper on Netflix than what seems

Joe Locke, Kit Connor, Corinna Brown, and Kizzy Edgell have come together to empower a new generation of LGBTQ+ kids.

Based on Alice Oseman’s acclaimed webcomic and graphic book of the same name, Heartstopper stars all four stars in Netflix’s highly anticipated queer adolescent romance.

The series follows the love story of openly homosexual overthinker Charlie Spring (Joe) and cheerful rugby star Nick Nelson (Connor). The show is a light and fun watch with no pain or conflict, which is precisely what young queer individuals coming to grips with their sexuality or gender identity need to see.

While talking about the show’s optimistic and encouraging tone, Joe said he admired that the show focused little on the harassment and troubles of a queer teen. “I think is really important to show younger, especially queer kids, that your life isn’t going to be just bullying,” said the star of the show.

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With Corinna and Kizzy’s characters, Tara Jones and Darcy Olsen — Higgs’ resident lesbian pair—Heartstopper also showcases queer female love.

Tara has stated that the show is not only for queer people. She said, regardless, you will still love the show, as it is “relevant for all audiences – no matter how old you are – young, old, queer, not queer. It’s for everyone.” she says.

You can stream the show on Netflix from April 22nd. Let us know if you liked the trailer of the show.

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