Queen Calanthe’s THIS Dialogue from ‘The Witcher’ Represents How US Women Feel About Abortion Rights Ruling

Queen Calanthe’s THIS Dialogue from ‘The Witcher’ Represents How US Women Feel About Abortion Rights Ruling

The 1973 precedent regarding the abortion rights of women all across the country of the United States of America can soon be undone. While many states already restrict abortions for women, they all will soon start affecting the lives of women if the supreme court overturns the Roe Vs Wade judgment. And while the women of the country struggle to have autonomy over their own bodies, they have used platforms and mediums to voice their opinions about the whole thing. And once such instance was using Queen Calanthe’s famous line from Netflix’s The Witcher.

What dialogue from The Witcher depicts the current feelings of the American women?

Plato, in his theory of mimesis, said that art or poetry is nothing but a recreation of reality and imagination. Hence, it is understandable that words of fiction often tackle the issues of the real world in them. And that is also the case with The Witcher. The Netflix Original series based on the works of Andrzej Sapkowski has beautifully talked about several issues in the real world. And one dialogue from the series depicts the exact mood of the females in the entire country.

Recently, a Twitter user used an image of The Witcher‘s Queen Calanthe while lauding the series for “getting it right“. In the iconic dialogue from the first season of the show, we see Calanthe, Ciri‘s grandmother, saying, “I bow to no law made by men who never bore a child.” Calanthe, who is the queen of Cintra, is a woman of great power. And she often hates the sexist policies of the world that are created by men.

In the above instance, Calanthe was standing against the “Law of Surprise“. According to this, someone can claim a child even before it is born. While this image is not exactly the same as the current scenario, it depicts the general state of women in the world. They are angry because they are the very owners of their bodies but may not decide about it.

The abortion ban and the reactions to it

It was during the last year when a ban on abortion after six weeks of pregnancy was introduced in Texas. While the rates dropped severely for the state, a lot of women traveled to places where abortion was legal. And even then, the law remained in effect indefinitely. While the supreme court made no concrete decision about abortion, the leaked document has polarized the public. And this can will affect the elections.

Most women are against the overturn of the Roe Vs Wade verdict of 1973. And they have been very vocal about their opinions.

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