Punch Lines and Real Punches, Ryan Reynolds Does It All in the Time Travel Thriller The Adam Project

Punch Lines and Real Punches, Ryan Reynolds Does It All in the Time Travel Thriller The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds is an amazing guy. He can act, do action, and most importantly, he is super funny. The best thing about Ryan is that he does not dial down his sarcasm in interviews. And directors always make sure to use his sense of humor in their films whenever they can. That’s exactly what director Shawn Levy did in The Adam Project.

Here are some of the funniest punchlines and punches by Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project.

Funniest Ryan Reynolds scenes in The Adam Project

Stabbed with a bullet

When adult Adam crashes into the past and takes shelter in the garage of “their” dad, young Adam finds him. While looking and catering to his bullet wound, Adult Adam is clearly in pain, but that doesn’t stop Ryan from dropping a comeback. When the young Adam asks if he was shot, Adam quickly replies in a sarcastic voice that we all love, “no, I was stabbed with a bullet.” He then finds a huge discovery that it farts when he coughs!

Deadpool punches the Hulk

For all those who do not know the premise of the film. Basically, to stop time-traveling from being created, Adam and young Adam travel back in time to 2018 to meet Louis Reed, their father. No surprises, the meet and greet with father goes nothing as planned. When Adult Adam is trying to calm Louis down to talk to him about the situation, Louis refuses to listen to anything as it will affect the continuum. Adam, out of nowhere, just punches Louis. This makes up for a really hilarious moment between the father and his two sons.

No one wants to hear you Chuckie

Reynolds is a guy who can make threatening a child extremely funny. In the movie, when Adam is being bullied by Ray and Chuck, Adult Adam appears and decides to take matters into his own hands. He corners Ray and threatens him if he ever even looks at young Adam and says “I will pull bones out of your body. I will sharpen them and I will use them to stab you.”

Watch the video to find more hilarious scenes from the film. And let us know your favorite scene from the movie.

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