“Pump the s*x brakes, Jimmy”: Ryan Reynolds Once Left Jimmy Fallon Confused by Answering “personal questions” Never Asked

“Pump the s*x brakes, Jimmy”: Ryan Reynolds Once Left Jimmy Fallon Confused by Answering “personal questions” Never Asked

One of the most accomplished actors of all time with a natural wit and dramatic persona, Ryan Reynolds is indeed a globally acclaimed and widely loved actor. Starting his career some 30 years ago, the Canadian actor built a huge empire for himself. However, these are all materialistic things. His love life, though, is something of great intrigue. The bond he shares with his wife, Blake Lively, is beyond beautiful.

Back in December 2021, when Reynolds swapped the late-night spots with Will Ferrell, he brought out his charismatic persona once again. He randomly joked about many things, including his partner in crime, Will Ferrell. However, what was rib-tickling funny is how he left Jimmy Fallon confused by answering some personal questions about his love life that the host never asked, once again, proving his legendary sense of humor.

Ryan Reynolds left Jimmy Fallon in utter confusion by answering unasked questions

While it took a little while for Fallon to understand the whole switcheroo, he played along quite naturally. The first thing he asked Reynolds was about the well-being of his family. To which the Merc with a Mouth replied “they are all good” before picking up on his humor. When talking about his wife, Reynolds warns Jimmy not to ask any personal questions, then himself goes on to say,” Blake is great, the sex is totally normal…” To which Fallon replies that he wasn’t going to ask that.

Reynolds jokingly responds, “pump the s*x breaks, Jimmy. I said no personal questions!” Well, this is Ryan Reynolds we are talking about. Humor runs in his blood. And as much as this entire conversation looks hilarious over here, it is even funnier in Reynolds’ own voice. And we have attached the entire clip above just for you.

will ferrell and ryan reynolds

Parallelly, Will Ferrell, being at the place of Ryan Reynolds, also appreciated Blake Lively, calling her “a great cook” and sharing how the actress made “oatmeal, killer nachos.” We don’t know about the two actors, but the 34-year-old actress must have had a fantastic night, getting so much appreciation from all around the west.

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