Producer Steven DeKnight Called Jenna Ortega “entitled and toxic” for Changing Her Dialogue in ‘Wednesday’

Producer Steven DeKnight Called Jenna Ortega “entitled and toxic” for Changing Her Dialogue in ‘Wednesday’

Jenna Ortega is undoubtedly one of the best young rising talents in Hollywood. She has proven her worth by nailing her role as Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s Wednesday. However, just like her character in the show, this 20-year-old got into trouble for saying something controversial at a podcast about the series.

Ortega recently went to Dax Shepard’s podcast show Armchair Expert, where she talked about the various aspects and her experience on Netflix’s second biggest show. There she mentioned that she had to put her foot down for the show, for the first time in her career as she took the liberty of changing the dialogues without consulting the writers.

As her statement caught the attention of the writer community, they got very upset and started criticizing the actress for her audacious step. When her statement caught the eye of producer Steven DeKnight, he could not handle it and took to twitter to call it “entitled and toxic.DeKnight has produced series like Spartacus and Jupiter’s Legacy.

Not only that, but the 58-year-old producer also mentioned that he loves the work of the actress but at the same time said that, “life is too short to deal with people like this.” After his statement took down the internet like a storm, people from everywhere started criticizing the 20-year-old actress. But DeKnight had something more to say as well.

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What else did Steven DeKnight say about Jenna Ortega?

As a writer, DeKnight expressed the concern that the actors most of the time have no idea about the storyline and hence do not understand the importance of the lines that are added for some future buildup. He also presented the reverse scenario where he asked the actress to imagine the scenario where the writers would say how hard she was to deal with.

The You actress had mentioned that some of the lines in the show did not make sense to her with reference to the arc of the story. She became very protective of the character and hence took the liberty of changing the dialogue. As per Daily Mail, the actress admitted to Shepard that she had trouble collaborating with the writing team.

However, Jenna Ortega admitted that this was very unprofessional of her to do so. Let’s see if she makes amendments to this in the future.

What do you think? Was it rightful of her to make the changes by herself? Tell us in the comments.

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