“Produce the best…”- Back When Sebastian Stan Revealed How ‘Gossip Girl’ Made the Best Serial Killers

“Produce the best…”- Back When Sebastian Stan Revealed How ‘Gossip Girl’ Made the Best Serial Killers

Gossip Girl is best remembered for its cast, storyline, and fashion. But Sebastian Stan has now given an eerily creepy reason to remember the series. The actor has been in the limelight recently for his role in the horror thriller Fresh. But he managed to connect the movie’s theme to the drama serial.

The actor has previously worked in Gossip Girl, with the cast now moving on to other roles. But what’s interesting is the type of roles that they are doing.

How Sebastian Stan connected his Fresh role to Gossip Girl

Sebastian Stan turned to a very dark role in Fresh, compared to his character in Gossip Girl. But he is not the only one to turn into a psycho killer. As per Pop Buzz, the actor said, “Well, you see Gossip Girl does produce the best serial killers.” While the actor himself plays a creepy serial killer in Fresh, his Gossip Girls co-star Penn Badgley played a creepy stalker in the Netflix series You.

The discussion came in as the similarities between the roles of these two Gossip Girl actors started making a buzz online. Penn Badgley played Joe Goldberg in You, whom the actor has warned fans against romanticizing, and Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl. While Stan played Carter Baizen in the drama series, Fresh cast him as Steve.

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The transition of these actors from playing mellow roles to intense ones must be memorable for fans of both the series and the movie. But the actor has managed to ace both of these roles efficiently.

Steve from Fresh vs Carter from Gossip Girl

The Disney+ horror thriller Fresh revolves around Noa, who is picked up by a seemingly charming man named Steve. But as the story unravels, it is discovered that he is butchering and selling off human flesh, with Noa as his next victim. Thereon an investigation to find Noa begins, as she herself fights for her survival to get out alive.

On the other hand, his Gossip Girl character is portrayed as Carter Baizen, an outcast from his wealthy family. He was a recurring character in the series known for his negative role.

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Do you agree with him on Gossip Girl creating good serial killers? Comment your thoughts.

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