Princess Sophie Imitating Kate Middleton’s Bridal Suite Ignited Trenchant Controversy among Royal Spectators

Princess Sophie Imitating Kate Middleton’s Bridal Suite Ignited Trenchant Controversy among Royal Spectators

Being a Royal Member means devoting your entire life to public scrutiny. Since time immemorial, with celebrations come controversies that surround the UK Sovereigns. By now they have gotten immune to the endless disputes that grip the monarchy. Nevertheless, members who try to play safe are also not spared any indignation. Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton is one such member of the family. 

Ever since she stepped into Britain’s Royalty, the Princess knew what she was signing up for. Starting from the way she dresses to the point of her facial gestures, everything is judged through the public eye. You would also be surprised to know that her wedding dress was also a matter of dispute back in 2011. The same followed when Princess Sophia of Sweden tried to imitate Middleton’s, Alexander McQueen. 

Similarities between Kate Middleton and Sophia of Sweden’s wedding gowns 

Four years after William and Kate Middleton tied the knot, Princess Sophia of Sweden and Prince Carl Philip got married despite the latter being a fashion model. The marriage had always been a matter of controversy ever since Sophia and Phillip started courting each other. Nevertheless, Sophia’s beautiful, Kate Middleton-Esque gown looked spectacular down the glaring sun. Designed by her personal bridal designer, the flattering A–line skirt gown had some notable similarities with that of Kate Middleton’s. 

The same shade of white color featured some intricate matching couture laces that were the main sight of attraction in Middletown’s long-lace sleeve gown as well. The neckline had a V-cut exactly as the then-Duchess of Cambridge wore at her wedding at Westminster Abbey. Although the hairstyle chosen by the two Royal brides was strikingly contrasting. While Kate Middleton chose to leave her brunette locks open, Princess Sophia chose to keep her hair tied in a gorgeous updo. 

For those unversed, as reported by The Mirror, an eminent English bridal designer, Christine Kendall had complained against the Royal company. According to her, the designs used for the dress Kate Middleton were allegedly copied from her. The suing fashion house that operates from a small studio in Hertfordshire filed a lawsuit for breaching the copyrights. As the report claims, the stunning figure-hugging long-sleeved lace gown was created by Sarah Burton, the executive director of Alexander McQueen.

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What are your opinions about the disputes around the royal brides? Does not Sweden Princess look too similar to that Kate Middleton? Let us know in the comments below.

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    January 16, 2023 at 3:13 am

    Kate’s dress the front of it was open yes but set so close it looked almost closed. Sophie’s was almost an off the shoulder gown the shoulder was so wide apart…like a boat neck collar. I am sure there are other changes in the dress that makes it different.

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