Princess Diana’s Memory Comes to Life in the Crown Princess Mary’s Taj Mahal Visit

Princess Diana’s Memory Comes to Life in the Crown Princess Mary’s Taj Mahal Visit

Although Princess Diana’s duties as the Princess Of Wales were short-lived, she rendered all her obligations to the UK Monarchy without fail. Regardless of her personal relationships taking a toll on her, she glammed up for every royal visit like never before. For instance, during her royal engagements, Lady Diana Spencer always made it a point to visit the historic monuments in a country to blend with its diversity and relish its finesse. For India, it was the Taj Mahal that got Princess Diana absolutely awestruck. 

Why is it in the news? Bringing back some glorious yet disheartening stories from the past, another royal member however, not from the UK Monarchy, has given us major Princess Diana vibes from her recent visit to one of the seven wonders of the world. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark and her husband Crown Prince Frederick are reportedly on a royal venture over the seas. 

As reported by Hello Magazine, the couple is out on the royal venture to India where they have already recreated the iconic Lady Diana’s photograph. To mark the same, the Danish royals took to their Instagram to share further with their subjects. From their end, it was an accidental coincidence and their visit to the subcontinent, was with the sole purpose of strengthening ties between India and Denmark.

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There are a lot of such royal couples who sit in front of the marble beauty but hardly come mainstream. Nonetheless, what made this visit set up the headlines of the day, was her exact sitting posture and gesture that brought back fresh memories from Diana’s portrait before the Taj Mahal.

Why did Princess Diana sit all alone before the Taj Mahal?

Back in 1992, the then Princess of Wales, Lady Diana along with Prince Charles visited India to render some of their royal engagements. During the Taj Mahal visit, Princess Diana sat for the iconic couple picture, all alone, before the cameras. Her husband was apparently all swamped in an important meeting. Since time immemorial, the bench placed at the epicenter of the palace was in fact meant for couples and family members to keep other commitments aside for some time and capture the breathing moments.

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However, with UK’s royal family, that is certainly not the case. Given Princess Diana’s controversial relationship with the then-prince, Charles, they parted their separate ways and called it quits between themselves, sometime after the tour. 

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