Prince William had ‘Second thoughts’ About Wife Kate Middleton Back In The Day

Prince William had ‘Second thoughts’ About Wife Kate Middleton Back In The Day

Kate Middleton and Prince William date back to the early 2000s when they were first spotted together after passing out from St. Andrew’s University. The 19-year-old Kate Middleton and the juvenile Prince had an on-off relationship during the infancy of their courtship. Many incidents have even left the duty-bound William in a dilemma of polarising decisions that strained their relationship to some extent. 

In a recent report, sources claimed that owing to some concerning disturbances, Prince William was not sure about his wife Kate Middleton. Back in the day when they were at the peak of their youth, William also looked after his duties towards the Sovereign. He often had questions about going forward with his relationship with Middleton. Sources reveal he also had a detailed discussion regarding the matter with the late Queen herself. 

Royal Duties had once made William leave Kate Middleton in tears 

Five years prior to their marriage, William had to attend the 2016 New Year’s Eve with his family at Sandringham. Royals usually have the option to bring along their close acquaintances to the family meet and thus Middleton was eagerly waiting to join the Windsors. However, as Tina Brown mentions in the biography, Prince William had second thoughts to introduce Middleton to his family so early on. Although the Royal Family was well-versed with his then-girlfriend, he wished to keep her low-key. 

This unprecedented move by William reportedly broke Middleton’s heart into pieces. She was left in tears when the Prince asked her to hold the family meeting for the timing. In fact, the report says the Prince even sat down with the Queen and then Prince Charles to have a frank discussion about his future with Kate. As a result, “both advised him not to hurry into anything,” writes Brown. 

Nevertheless, over the course of time, Kate could get the hang of the Royal Family and its way to present itself before the public. Throughout the rollercoaster, she carried herself well enough to win over the members of the Palace including the Late Queen Her Majesty. This also made William quite confident of his choices thus leading up to the grand royal wedding as expected. 

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What do you think of Prince William’s guarded moves in the institution regarding his wife? Was it the correct thing to do? Let us know in the comments below. 

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