Prince William and Kate Middleton To ‘Break The Hierarchical Cycle’ after Claims By Prince Harry

Prince William and Kate Middleton To ‘Break The Hierarchical Cycle’ after Claims By Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s memoir has undoubtedly shaken the Royal Family to its core. Although the senior members of the Monarchy are trying their best to keep up a united front before the public, the tectonic shifts within the hierarchy are clearly visible. The autobiography laid open the inner administration of The Firm while clearly emphasizing the faulty systems within. Out of them all was the hierarchical cycle which believes the firstborn to be the heir while the other children are “spare babies”. Kate Middleton and Prince William will reportedly do something about the same. 

The heir and the spare game of Britain’s Monarchy have created tensions between plenty of royal siblings. The age-old strict protocols of the Monarchy handing over the Kingdom to the oldest of the kin have more often than not brought disturbances in relationships. The same is clearly visible between Prince William and his spare brother, Prince Harry. The two brothers could never adjust to the Royal ways and the Duke of Sussex had to eventually move out of the Palace. 

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Prince William and Kate Middleton to break the heir and spare dynamic 

Expressing his concern over the same, Prince Harry mentioned that he fears Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte will be met with the same fate as he did. Prince George however, is bound to follow in his father’s footsteps to be the King of the United Kingdom. Although the father of three shunned Harry as he expressed his worries, he and Kate Middleton are all set to change the Royal dynamics for their kids. 

After having looked at their aunt Princess Anne and uncle Prince Andrew, the future King and Queen in waiting have decided their kids will no more just stand to wave at the crowd behind the heir. The duo will reportedly support their kids to venture their life beyond the Monarchy and live their lives as they want to. They will thus break the cycle of the age-old to maintain peace with the rapidly changing world. 

Prime William and Kate Middleton have never openly admitted their support to their estranged brother nor have gone against it. Nonetheless, this decision by the Royals clearly demonstrates their intellectual alliance with what Prince Harry believes in. Royal expert, Ms. Kinsey Schofield claims to Daily Express that Kate Middleton and Prince William will do everything they can to prevent Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis from getting “completely lost” in the system. 

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What is your take on the matter? Do you think it was the correct decision by the Royals in light of their children’s future? Does that mean Prince Harry was right all these while? Let us know in the comments below. 

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