Prince Harry’s ‘older woman’ who Took His Virginity, Bashes The Duke on Compromising Integrity in Tell-all Memoir

Prince Harry’s ‘older woman’ who Took His Virginity, Bashes The Duke on Compromising Integrity in Tell-all Memoir

Since the Spare’s release, Royal Experts were accusing Prince Harry of exposing the Royal Family a bit too much. However, it looks like the Duke dug his own grave as reports suggest he went a bit too beyond the line with his own factual revelations. The estranged Prince gave a detailed throwback to his neglected adolescent which has certain interesting stories of his past. The one most talked about was the episode where he admits to losing his virginity to a woman older than him. 

Although readers thought the revelation was just it, the woman Prince Harry spoke about exposed herself in the public. Taking a swipe at her then-lover, the woman has accused Prince Harry of not upholding the integrity of their relationship before the world. Although the Duke never mentioned her name explicitly, the woman has still taken the controversy personally to share her opinions in public

Mystery lover Sasha Walpole is disappointed in Prince Harry 

As reported by The Mail, it was digger driver Sasha Walpole who reveals she was the old woman Prince Harry has referred to in his memoir. The mystery horse lover, who is now 40 also said that she had a secret five-minute s*x session with the Duke in a pub field. Nonetheless, both of them had left their history behind until Prince Harry brought it back to media attention, once again. This has not gone well with Walpole. 

Exclusive videos from the publication reveal that the mother of two pressed on how she “kept it a secret for 21 years.” She further accused Prince Harry of keeping her in hiding for so long. It makes absolutely no sense to bring it back before the public without even informing her in the first place. Nonetheless, Walpole did not hold back from expressing their “Sparky s*x” in detail. 

She expressed how it went a “bit out of control” with the pretty intense and fiery climax. Although she played safe stating how it was all consensual and the youngblood Prince knew what he was doing. The drunk couple gave into their desperation in the open field as the horse lover admitted they felt ‘naughty’

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What’s your take on the matter? What do you have to chip in about the facts put forward by the Prince’s ex-lover? Let us know in the comments below. 

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