Prince Harry Wasn’t the First! Meghan Markle Had Another Britisher Who ‘Got There First’

Prince Harry Wasn’t the First! Meghan Markle Had Another Britisher Who ‘Got There First’

Prince Harry is not the first guy Meghan Markle has been in love with. Apart from being a woman of color and an American, one of the first concerns that were raised when these two started dating was that Markle was divorced. Notably, the Suits actress was first married to American producer Trevor Engelson.

After her divorce from Engelson in 2014, the Duchess of Sussex did not date anyone for quite some time. Although her name was associated with Roy Mcllroy and Cory Vitiello before she started dating Prince Harry, the rumors were baseless. However, there was one Brit whom she met before meeting her present husband. But who is he?

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Who did Meghan Markle have a drink with before Prince Harry?

Right after the public announcement of the couple’s relationship, celebrities from all over the world started recalling their moments with the Duchess. One of the Brits to make it to this list was a broadcaster named Piers Morgan. He is widely famous for his statements about different celebrities. And even though his views might have changed for the couple now, initially he was very excited for them.

In an episode of Good Morning Britain in 2016, he told the story of how he met Meghan Markle way before Prince Harry did. Apparently, Morgan is a big fan of the show Suits. And that was the major reason he started following her on Twitter, a year before Meghan and Harry started dating and she immediately messaged him personally. Little did he know Meghan was already a big fan of his and he was fascinated by her reaction.

After a while, they even met each other over drinks and talked about gun control and women’s rights. He recalled Meghan sharing her television soap commercial incident when she wrote a letter to Hillary Clinton when she was just 11 years old and got it changed.

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In the episode, Morgan joked that he “got her first.” He also advised Prince Harry to go big on handwritten letters with reference to their ongoing romance. “I was really impressed. I thought she was a delicate woman, very suited to Harry and different,” he added.

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