Prince Harry Turns Into Spiderman to Celebrate Christmas With Military Kids Who Lost Their Parents

Prince Harry Turns Into Spiderman to Celebrate Christmas With Military Kids Who Lost Their Parents

Just two days after the trailer release of the Netflix show, Harry & Meghan, Prince Harry, took over the internet by wearing a superman suit. The royal prince has grown up with a single parent for the last 25 years. He lost his mother Princess Diana to a car crash in 1997. Even after so many years, the Duke still goes through the trauma of not having his mother around.

In the past, Prince Harry has candidly spoken about missing Princess Diana at every stage of his life. Thus, his association with a non-profit organization named Scotty’s Little Soldiers should not come as a surprise to the readers. The British organization deals with the children of deceased military veterans. Since the Sussex royal understands the pain of the kids, he made an adorable video to make their Christmas a little better.

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Prince Harry encouraged kids to celebrate Christmas with a smile

Though Christmas is a couple of days away, Scotty’s Little Soldiers organization decided to host the party a little early. To uplift the mood of the holiday party-themed Heroes and Villains, the management shared a sweet message from Prince Harry. In the video, he donned the spiderman getup. He encouraged the children to save their Christmas from the five villains by indulging in teamwork and working through various challenges. 

Further, in the one-minute-long YouTube video, the Sussex royal urged the children to think of their deceased parents with a smile. He empathized with the kids, saying that he knows how hard it is to celebrate Christmas following the death of a parent. However, he also explained to them that they should not feel guilty about being in a festive mode. 

“Christmas is a time when we miss our loved ones really, really badly. And that’s OK. It can be possible to feel guilty about having fun without our parents. But I’m here to assure you that our parents always want us to have fun, so don’t feel guilty,” the Duke said in the video. 

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