Prince Harry to Summon King Charles and Prince William for a Meet Prior to UK Visit for Coronation?

Prince Harry to Summon King Charles and Prince William for a Meet Prior to UK Visit for Coronation?

King Charles’s Coronation hype is at an all-time high and the Royal Family cannot help the stirring speculations. As we inch closer to the historical event with each passing day, new stories have made their way to top headlines and fans fear that the rumors might turn into reality way too soon. It has now been confirmed that King Charles will not miss out on any opportunities to bridge the gap between him and his youngest. However, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wish to play safe with the plans afoot for the momentous occasion. 

Recent reports have revealed that the King is making all the arrangements he can to make sure the Sussexes do not miss out on the event of his life. However, his estranged family on the other side does not seem much enthusiastic about the same.

Prince Harry to call for a royal meet-up 

Moreover, the Royal fandom in the United Kingdom has made it pretty clear that they will be really welcoming of the self-exiled couple. Moreover, they are all set to boo the Duke and the Duchess if at they turn up for the Monarch’s crowning ceremony. In light of such circumstances, Prince Harry has decided to look before he leaps. Should we expect a royal summit soon? 

The latest exclusive coverage from The Mirror reveals that the Sussexes are unsure of attending the Royal occasion. Following the tensions, although there has been no formal interaction between the parties following the Docuseries and memoir release, Prince Harry is soon heading up for one. The Duke is anticipated to hold a private meeting with King Charles and his elder brother before he sets out for the UK. 

Why is the Duke doing so? 

Despite being confirmed as the top 100 strong guest list, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not come up with a final decision. Moreover, the estranged members will not be entitled to any Royal duties like that of Prince William and other senior members of the family at present. Sources have revealed to the outlet that Prince Harry also wishes to reconcile with his family. However, he will refrain from attending the ceremony if the atmosphere remains as toxic as it was back in the Queen’s Silver Jubilee and Funeral. 

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Do you think Prince Harry was justified to take safety precautions? Tell us about it in the comments below. 

One thought on “Prince Harry to Summon King Charles and Prince William for a Meet Prior to UK Visit for Coronation?

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    March 13, 2023 at 7:18 am

    Harry has a lot of nerve in wanting to make sure he & M aren’t going into a toxic atmosphere after the way he & M have trashed the ROYAL family !
    He doesn’t have the courage to face them after what he’s done ! He & M need to stay away so that King Charles can enjoy his coronation without fear of the WHINERS creating a scene & ruining this for his father!

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