Prince William Reluctant About Prince Harry’s Presence at King Charles’s Coronation? Here’s What Reports Reveal

Prince William Reluctant About Prince Harry’s Presence at King Charles’s Coronation? Here’s What Reports Reveal

Exactly after 2 months and 20 days, the world will witness the historic ceremony of his majesty King Charles III’s coronation ceremony. It has been almost 7 decades since Westminster Abbey was all dolled up to bestow late King Edward’s crown to the late Queen. And now that King Charles III ascended the throne, whether his son, Prince Harry, would be present to honor him was a question of great concern. 

Not just the royal critics, media, insiders, and loyal netizens, but even Meghan Markle’s brother-in-law, Prince William has had his share of opinions about his brother’s presence. And per the recent reports, he is not very much positive about it. A source identified as a close friend of the Prince of Wales cited reasons for “his reservations” about Prince Harry’s presence. The major one being the raw attacks Prince Harry made in his book, Spare.

He apparently startled Prince William by stating that the Cornwalls had approved of Prince Harry wearing a Nazi uniform at a fancy dress party back in 2005. It “gobsmacked” the heir to the throne. Although Prince William will have to “abide” by his father’s decision about the same, he would “much rather Harry wasn’t there,” per Express UK.

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The reports further suggest the relationship between the two brothers is close to null and had it been Prince William’s coronation ceremony, Prince Harry would not even be on the list.

Prince Harry and Prince William are at loggerheads ever since the publication of Spare

The fierce allegations and revelations both in the Netflix documentary and the memoir have reportedly enraged Prince William. So much so that there is little to no exchange of conversation between the two. In the book, the Duke of Sussex alleged his brother attacked him during a discussion at Nottingham Cottage in early 2019. This is just one of the many instances explaining why the now Prince of Wales does not want his brother to attend the ceremony.

However, to much of the heir apparent’s disappointment, Prince Harry and his wife might attend the ceremony. The arrangement committee will probably make sure that the two brothers are not seen together publically to avoid any further controversy.

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