Prince Harry Ousted as a ‘Hypocrite’ for Exposing His “older woman”

Prince Harry Ousted as a ‘Hypocrite’ for Exposing His “older woman”

Prince Harry bared himself with his tell-all confessions in Spare. From how he attended Kate Middleton and Prince William’s wedding with a frozen todger to how his first brush with intimacy happened behind a pub on the grass with an older woman who treated him “like a young stallion“, the Duke did not spare any details. There was surprisingly plenty of todger content in his memoir. Netizens scrambled to point fingers at many well-known names such as Liz Hurley and Catherine Omanney, but they did not have to speculate for long.

Prince Harry’s mystery older woman came out to the public with her confession. And she did not remember the incident as a “glorious” one either. While one could say Prince Harry was giving what he promised to his fans with his confessions, a royal expert believes that Prince Harry had an ulterior motive.

Prince Harry and the fault in his ‘Spare’

Even before the couple could release their tell-all docuseries, Prince Harry’s memoir remained a subject of discussion. But fans could not expect in their wildest dreams that they would be reading a detailed account of how the Duke of Sussex lost his virginity to an older woman. Royal expert Daniela Elser in her opinion piece for New Zealand Herald too followed Prince Harry’s approach. Although she used it to implement how “the patron saint of truth-telling” is a “hypocrite”.

Elser’s rage stems from the fact that Prince Harry, who has spent all his life as a headline for media reports, must have known that the women’s identity would not remain a secret for long. And yet, he mentioned her.

Has the Duke apologized to his “older woman”?

The opinion of Daniela Elser does not have a dearth of supporters. Moreover, fans now can pinpoint what exactly makes Prince Harry a hypocrite because of his memoir. However, even before it was released, the Sussexes were being labeled as hypocrites for their demand for privacy as the audience accused them of violating others.

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Especially that of Sasha Walpole, as Prince Harry’s older woman revealed herself to be. The Duke of Sussex has been called to apologize to Sasha Walpole, among others. However, there have not been any official appearances or announcements since the backlash ensued after Spare.

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