Prince Harry Once Used His Aviation License & Private Helicopters to Fly His Family

Prince Harry Once Used His Aviation License & Private Helicopters to Fly His Family

Prince Harry, after voluntarily resigning from the position of a senior working royal member along with his wife, now has little to no say in what the Palace decides to do with his titles. And the Prince does not seem all that concerned about taking ownership of his title as he has dedicated the days following the Megxit to exposing the wrongdoings of the Royal family. One of the most pivotal elements of this quest was Spare. The memoir was heavily influenced by his time in the military and the royal family. While one seems to be on the last leg, the Duke of Sussex is still willing to make efforts for the other.

Following his exit from the Royal family, the Duke has been involved less and less with the royal family. Both as a member of the family and the institution. So much so that clouds of doubt are heavy on whether he will attend his father’s coronation. However, one thing that the Prince is not ready to let go of is the licenses he earned during his time in the military.

Megxit could not take away Prince Harry’s pilot license

The Prince left behind his home in the United Kingdom in 2020 to move to the United States. Given that the couple moved during the lockdown, they understandably had to leave a lot of their fortune behind in the United Kingdom. However, one cherished belonging that Prince Harry is not willing to let go of even in the United States is his hard-earned pilot’s license. “Harry has joined a local flying club in California so that he can keep his helicopter license current,an insider told The Sun in 2020.

The Duke of Sussex has been known for serving as a copilot in the second Afghan deployment in an Apache attack helicopter. He started training as a pilot in 2008 and by 2011 he was sporting an Apache badge.

Does Prince Harry have a helicopter?

It is a known fact among those passionate about aviation that in order to renew one’s pilot license; they have to put in a given number of hours. And Prince Harry made sure of that when he enrolled in an exclusive helicopter club.

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While he is not likely to use the pilot license for professional purposes, the Duke is likely to make good use of it through personal use by flying his family. Although a helicopter is not on his list of expensive items owned by him, with a Guinness world record-breaking memoir and a top charting docuseries, he can buy a helicopter in a jiffy if he wants to.

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