Prince Harry Has a Very Sensible Reason as to Why He Doesn’t Like Snakes More Than Sharks, and Its Really Simple

Prince Harry Has a Very Sensible Reason as to Why He Doesn’t Like Snakes More Than Sharks, and Its Really Simple

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, and his interviews will never cease to amuse us. Much as the chaos and controversies that he is surrounded by, the Prince in real life is an equally joyful person with a top-notch sense of humor. Owing to the same, he paid a surprise visit to The Late Show, once again for an interesting yet hilarious round of Questions and Answers. 

If you are not aware of Prince Harry’s favorite sandwich or his favorite smell, do you even know Prince Harry? The Duke might have revealed the Palace’s biggest secrets before the world. Nonetheless, his own were hilariously touched upon by Stephen Colbert on February 28, 2023. 

Among all the amusing questions asked by the host, one that got the audience a little alert was what Prince Harry’s most feared animal was. Keeping it simple, the Duke replied that he is the most afraid of snakes. So much that he even fears them more than gigantic organisms like sharks. The reason is simple. 

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Elaborating further on it, Prince Harry explained he can safeguard himself from the sharks as they are only limited to being within the ocean. Whereas you cannot expect snakes to fall under the same category. They can turn up from the most unexpected places and thus are more dangerous than the most bone-chilling fearful animal to ever exist. 

What else did Prince Harry talk about? 

Talking about animals was not restricted to that question alone. Colbert also questioned the Prince about his favorite choice of pet between cats and dogs. From his gesture, the Duke made it completely clear that he was a dog person over cats any day, any time. 

The best of the entire questionnaire was having to see the Duke laugh and smile like in the previous old times. Not only did answer all questions with his perfect humor attached to them, but he also kind of laughed off some of his biggest grievances in life with his legit jokes. Prince Harry had previously graced the show last month itself in an extended interview where he touched upon some real facts before the audience. 

How did you like the interview? Which was the most amusing question to him according to you? Let us know in the comments below. 

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