Prince Harry Finally Opens Up on Drug Addiction on Bombshell Netflix Docuseries, ‘Harry and Meghan’

Prince Harry Finally Opens Up on Drug Addiction on Bombshell Netflix Docuseries, ‘Harry and Meghan’

Celebrities over the world are always subjected to a great deal of swarming media. Especially when you are a Royal Family Member, the paparazzi are always at your throat anywhere you go. Princess Diana’s life story has been a burning example of the same. And the same is happening with her son, Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan Markle, or so they said.

After having a troublesome childhood followed by a neglected adolescence, Prince Harry and William have to go through it all. The latest docuseries, Harry and Meghan, explains how were the lives of the then-young adults, Harry and William. The Duke of Sussex, as his mother, expressed a surprisingly rebellious streak in his early life. Unlike the elder brother, who abided by the British tabloids, Harry walked a bit off track.

Prince Harry accuses the media of exaggeration and rehashing his wild youth stories

Undoubtedly, the media was always in its pursuit. Speaking of the same, the self-exiled couple gave us a wider narration of what was actually going on with their lives. About various allegations made against Prince Harry, the Duke confessed, “not everything in the news was false.” As he talked about his former alleged addictions like “drugs, booze, and women,” which had gone all over newspapers, were shown in a panorama.

The Prince also added that even though some news was true, there was always something more to it. Usually, most of them were typical “exaggeration and rehashing” by the press. He did accept that there is a certain level of interest of media that comes along with being a royal. However, “it was too much” for him. Everything that was going on at their royal base was intense, claimed the Prince.

Adding reasons to the same, he said before concluding, “without having much guidance and support,” it was not fair to him. After his life at Eton, Harry temporarily moved to Africa, which allowed him “to live, to breathe and to grow.” Ever since, he had been extremely grateful to the people who brought him up with love and care in Botswana, more than in England. In brief, Harry grew from a boy to a solid man, in the country of Africa, as said by Prince Seeiso, his friend.

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