Prince Harry Did the Most Relatable Deed in 2018 When He Stole Food at Meghan Markle’s Charity Launch Event

Prince Harry Did the Most Relatable Deed in 2018 When He Stole Food at Meghan Markle’s Charity Launch Event

Meghan Markle marked her first charity launch event after becoming a royal by releasing a book to support the victims of Grenfell Tower fire. Her husband Prince Harry, along with her mother, made sure that she did not feel any lack of support as the duo watched Meghan Markle confidently launch her first charity event. This was in 2018 and while the Royal couple has made a lot of progress since then, apart from the success of the charity event, another incident from the event has made sure it stays in our heart.

Prince Harry did more than just support his wife at the event. The Duke was caught off guard as he noticed a camera taking note of his whereabouts. While what he was doing was far from shameful, the Prince was as red as roses when he was caught.

Prince Harry proved that Royals can also be relatable

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have not been the greatest listeners when it comes to traditions and royal protocol. The couple often made headlines for breaking one or the other royal protocol. And the Duke was caught breaking one when he attended the Suits alum’s first charity launch event. While we are sure stealing is an absolute no-no for Royals, would sneaking in some delicious samosa be considered breaking Royal protocol?

At the Together: Our Community cookbook launch event in 2018, while Meghan Markle did whatever star of the day does as Prince Harry sneaked up some samosas from the food corner and joined a crowd of guests acting completely nonchalant.

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However, minutes later, the Prince notices that his samosa secret is not just between himself and his appetite, but thanks to a cameraman recording the entire ordeal, it will now become a headline for weeks. The Prince then sheepishly joined his wife.

While we may all relate to the Duke stealing a few samosa, are the royal couple relatable otherwise?

Are the Sussexes relatable?

It is quite imaginative to look for specks of relatability in a couple who single-handedly ruled British tabloids for several years and made history with Megxit.

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However, despite being a high-profile couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reported countless times that they crave for normalcy. Although not the most relatable phenomenon, the couple did share that they love binge watching romantic comedies like When Harry met Sally in their Harry & Meghan docuseries.

Do you find Prince Harry and Meghan Markle relatable? Let us know in the comments below.

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