Prince Harry Confesses How The Palace Had Been Lenient To Meghan Markle’s Wardrobe Since Day 1

Prince Harry Confesses How The Palace Had Been Lenient To Meghan Markle’s Wardrobe Since Day 1

All of them are well accustomed to the number of stringent rules that Britain’s Royal Family imposes on its members. The age-old etiquettes and policies have become no less than a tradition binding on the new-age royal. Nevertheless, maintaining a proper Palace-befitting wardrobe, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle have slayed all along. In fact, in rare gestures, the Royals have also left them with the liberty to step into some new trends. Prince Harry confirms the same in his memoir. 

We are all well aware of how the Duke and the Duchess first went on a real date in the 2017 Invictus games. The love story of the military prince and the Suits actress had just hit the headlines. The two were still juveniles at least amongst the rest of their families. Meghan Markle on top of it was an American Actress who had her way of getting along with trendy outfits. The Duchess undoubtedly has ruffled some fears of the palace now, but back in the day, she enjoyed some privileges that none other could. 

Backlashes continued despite Harry getting the dress approved for Meghan by Palace 

As mentioned by Duke himself in his upcoming memoir, it was against the Palace’s ethics to wear trendy ripped jeans and such. However, for her then-girlfriend, he had the leverage of getting her jeans approved by the Palace. The family too did not disappoint their youngest. An excerpt shared by PageSix reveals that Meghan was allowed to appear publicly with Harry with the dress code of her choice. 

The Mother’s “Looker” frayed jeans easily passed the Palace’s filter membrane that she wore to the games. Along with the same, Meghan Markle had a complementary white “Husband” Shirt that was gifted to her by her friend Misha Nino. Completing the outfit she also matched some classic accessories along with Natalie’s flats for footwear.

Nevertheless, the media never got this straight. Backlashes at Markle for going against the Palace’s will were feeding the frenzy. However, lastly, the Prince wrote that a single clarification from the Press Communication of Buckingham could have easily lightened the air. Unsurprisingly, that never happened. 

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What do you think of Meghan Markle’s dress code for the first date? Do you think the media needs to comprehend things properly before throwing it out into the world? Let us know in the comments below. 

One thought on “Prince Harry Confesses How The Palace Had Been Lenient To Meghan Markle’s Wardrobe Since Day 1

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    J. A. K.
    January 11, 2023 at 8:01 pm

    I absolutely think that much would have, could have, been different if the palace either clarified some media misunderstandings. I actually believe that clarification would have made the palace and royals appear more understanding and acceptable. For a family whose official governmental position is supposed to be diplomatic, they are some of the least diplomatic folks I’ve ever known. How can they tell an educated, accomplished, and experienced American things like, ‘its not done that way in Britain’, and then expect to be accepted as-is in the US? If they cannot give someone a little leeway for being from a different culture then how can they be diplomats? But, the royals never were known as diplomats, were they? They have been enslavers/racists, conquerors, hypocrits, and serial deceivers. They at least allowed Princess Diana to be killed, and they hold it against Harry that he is afraid they might also allow it to happen to his much less popular wife/children?!

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