Prince Harry Confessed How He “Stereotyped” Meghan Markle Like His Royal Family

Prince Harry Confessed How He “Stereotyped” Meghan Markle Like His Royal Family

Was Prince Harry bigoted before he met Meghan Markle? The younger Prince has taken the internet by storm with the announcement of his memoir Spare. As the book is set to release in a few hours, fans have got bits and pieces of the negative experiences that he and Markle faced, both by his family and the British media.

While the Royal family is visibly displeased with the duo’s public statements against them, Harry has not only been pointing out their mistakes but his own manipulated perception from before meeting his wife. Be it the question of job, race, or county, the Prince opened up about how meeting Markle changed his perception, and how he is no longer a bigot.

How did Prince Harry change after meeting Meghan Markle?

It is no secret that both the Royal family and the British tabloids abhor Meghan Markle. Nonetheless,  Prince Harry has stood by her firmly, even admitting how his family was against him marrying the Suits actress. Earlier this week, the Duke sat for an interview with 60 minutes. Through the course of the same, he spoke about the treatment of his wife and the public scrutiny that she constantly went through.


He spoke of how the UK tabloids would write negative things about the American actress and his family would read about it, which led to them having set opinions about her in a negative way. The 38-year-old claimed that his family and friends would say that he has changed, but that the Prince is glad he changed. “I had no idea the British press were so bigoted. Hell, I was probably bigoted before the relationship with Meghan” admitted the Archewell founder.

Prince Harry feels that his father and brother were upset over his choice, and for defending his then-girlfriend. However, they did not defend their own partners when the tabloids hit Camilla or Kate Middleton. The two were also criticized by the media. Nevertheless, Meghan Markle alone fell prey to the speculations at the hands of the media, says Harry. That is because of the race aspect, he further claimed.

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Do you agree with Prince Harry’s view of how the media and Royal family thought of Meghan Markle? Comment your thoughts.

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