Prince Harry Carries Forward Princess Diana’s Legacy, by Honouring the 40 Years of Terrence Higgins Trust for Their Work to End HIV and Aids

Prince Harry Carries Forward Princess Diana’s Legacy, by Honouring the 40 Years of Terrence Higgins Trust for Their Work to End HIV and Aids

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, has always followed the path of his beloved, late mother, Princess Diana. Be it in terms of virtues or practices, the mother and son duo resonate on levels unmatched. The Duke admitted the same to himself a couple of days ago in the live-stream conversation. However, he not only speaks of it, but also puts his word into action. 

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After having an in-depth conversation about his childhood trauma and sufferings, Prince Harry recently signed a congratulatory message to an organization which his mother, Princess Diana, was associated with. Terrence Higgins Trust, one of the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charities, has been playing an extremely vital role in fighting against the deadly disease. 

Princess Diana dedicated her whole life to serving people who were affected by this death sentence. And now, it is her youngest, Prince Harry, who has taken on the job. Recalling his mother’s efforts to raise awareness, the Duke wrote in the congratulatory message that he was proud “to continue her advocacy.

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At times when the epidemic was at its peak in the United Kingdom, the former Princess of Wales did not hesitate to make high-profile visits to immensely affected hospitals. “She led with empathy, finding the humanity in all around her and demonstrating the power of connection in the face of fear,” wrote the Duke. 

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How can we help Prince Harry to carry forward his legacy?

Concluding the text, the Duke spread the message that we cannot slow down on the revolution at this point. And that we must finish the job. In the hope of writing the next congratulatory message at the end of the HIV/AIDS epidemic once and for all, Prince Harry extended his hearty wishes to the organization on the historic milestone. 

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With a motto to “end new transmissions,” Terrence Higgins Trust has pledged to make England a nation free of HIV cases by the year 2030. They now call on us to step up, donate, test ourselves and be afoot in eradicating this disease once and for all. In times of trenchant controversies and despair, Prince Harry has shown eminent resilience and optimism through his passion for philanthropic works 

What do you think of the message of Prince Harry? Are you going to lend a helping hand to his movement for a noble cause? Let us know in the comments below.

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