Prince Harry Blames ‘The Firm’ For “planting of stories” Against Wife, Meghan Markle In Netflix’s Trailer

Prince Harry Blames ‘The Firm’ For “planting of stories” Against Wife, Meghan Markle In Netflix’s Trailer

Ever since Meghan Markle stepped into the Palace doors after her marriage to Prince Harry, controversies have always been at an all-time high. Starting from highly vulnerable matters like racism and Markle’s profession as an American actress, everything was put strictly under surveillance. Having come from a diverse background in the States, unlike the British tabloids, made the Duchess all the more controversy-prone.

However, in the latest release of the Netflix trailer, Prince Harry has straight-up pointed out the Palace for brewing more stories about him and his wife. As we are just a couple of days away from Netflix’s highly anticipated docuseries, Harry gives a sneak peek of what we should expect from their tell-all project. After having compared his wife’s life struggles to that of his mother’s, Prince Harry, as well as their lawyers called out the Palace for raging a war against Meghan Markle. 

Prince Harry accuses the Palace of brewing stories against Meghan Markle

Seconds deep into the second glimpse of their multi-million project, Harry allegedly accused the Palace of the hardships that they have faced from the media. The father of two started off with “a hierarchy of the family” where the trailer showed a glimpse of the entire Royal Family standing on the balcony with a united front. He further continued to claim, “there’s leaking of stories, but there’s also planting old stories“.

While the Prince pauses, a legitimate speaker who also happened to be Jenny Afia, partner Schilling Law Firm, at London, reveals that the Palace waged a war against Markle. This was in purpose to suit other people’s agendas, afia continued. Not much of the particular agenda is known as of now. However, rumors claim it has a direct reference to his mother, Princess Diana. Like Diana, Meghan Markle also fetched the Family a good deal of fame and recognition. 

After all, this was the first introduction of color to the Palace. Reports even claim, just as they termed Diana as unstable, they had claimed Markle to be fearful and troublesome. Previously, insiders revealed even claimed the actress was also trying to implement her own ways in the Palace. In fact, when things didn’t go as she pleased, it apparently angered her. Until now, no one knew how much of this was true. 

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However, Harry ended the trailer, promising to deliver the full truth about the Palace. The world awaits Netflix’s six-part-docuseries on the 7th of December. What is your say on the matter?

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