Prince Harry and Prince William Will Need a Conversation Not a Coronation, to Reconcile

Prince Harry and Prince William Will Need a Conversation Not a Coronation, to Reconcile

The coronation is a very important event for obvious reasons. And add to it two former working royal members who have released a tell-all Netflix docuseries and a memoir listing out all things wrong with the royal family, and it gets even more important. Although it isn’t clear if the Sussex couple will attend, what might happen if they do is already causing controversies. Prince Harry releasing his tell-all memoir has neither helped his case nor the royal family, especially with the coronation approaching.

Prince Harry’s aim in his memoir was clear. He wanted to let the world know how his family treated him as a spare. In this pursuit, he wrote in detail about how Prince William had picked up a physical fight with him not very long ago. The two brothers are set to meet at the coronation, with neither of them obliging to the other’s demand for an apology.

Will the coronation bring Prince Charles and Prince Harry together?

Sibling rivalry is a norm in any house with more than one kid. However, sibling rivalry within the aristocracy is no funny business. Since the last public meetup of Prince William and Prince Harry, the Duke has blamed his infamous Nazi costume incident on his elder brother and sister-in-law. Furthermore, he also accused him and Kate Middleton of being rude toward his wife, Meghan Markle. The aforementioned allegations are just a few among many.

With all this in mind, Prince Harry and Prince William will surely need something more than a coronation to sort out their differences. A royal expert named Daniela Elser told Daily Star that the King is adamant about trying to bring his two sons together at the coronation, but the plan is “rife with problems”. She further questioned Prince Harry’s role if he were to attend the coronation.

“There is the fact that there will be wider official events and royal outings beyond the religious ceremony, raising the question of what, if any, part [Harry] might play,” she said. Seeing how Prince Harry has not walked back on his demand for a public apology from the royals, and the royal family has paid no heed to it, meeting at the coronation in front of millions, is not the best of ideas.

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    March 7, 2023 at 1:16 am

    Harry needs mental help & needs to keep his mouth shut. He should not be airing his dirty laundry & mud slinging his family. I see him as a jealous brat upset he is the spare & not the heir. He is pitiful

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