Prince Harry and Meghan Share The First Insights Into Their 8-figure Worth Montecito Mansion Seen in Netflix Docuseries

Prince Harry and Meghan Share The First Insights Into Their 8-figure Worth Montecito Mansion Seen in Netflix Docuseries

Finding a roof above heads might be a great headache for runaway kids, but not if they are Royals. Although they get the tag of being sidelined from the Palace, their new home is no way less than a Royal household. Similar is the case with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. In fact, the self-exiled couple filmed their recent Netflix Docuseries in their Montecito estate which they had bought for $14 million. Owing to the same, the market price of their mansion has sky-rocketed to add another 19 million ending the bidding price at $33 million. But why is the house so highly-rated? 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle bought the gem of this mansion in the early 2020s when Rumours of their renunciation were already in the air. The California-based real estate is a splendid grandeur of a Mediterranean and Spanish Revival-style home. Set in the fine picturesque view of the high hilltops and blue endless oceans, the house offers a breathtaking panoramic view like none other. Despite the area being located in a hilly and steep region, the grand mansion is just as leveled with heavy and bright decorum adding to its beauty. 

A look into the $33 Million mansion of Harry and Meghan

The main filming set for Netflix’s Harry & Meghan which was visible in the background of their filming was the heart of the palatial estate, the living room. The room boasts grand arch doors that are interlinked to the terrace. The winding openings with a high Mediterranean flair have a sparkling chandelier as the center of attraction. The room shall hardly require any electrical lights during the day as the broad windows and openings allow perfect sunlight to hit the interiors and keep them warm, especially in the frost winters. 

Speaking of the terrace, there’s an open complex nearly over each room of the mansion. With towering palm trees and bright flowers blooming gracefully at each corner, the alluring scenes offer a scenic view of the neighborhood. The entire household spans an area of 13,600 square feet accommodating 6 King-size bedrooms and eight bathrooms apart from several others. Amenities like a private gym, theatre, bar, game room, swimming pool, and a multiple-car garage with a nursery for Archie and Lilibet are just added beauties to the mansion. 

For ones seeking more greenery and nature within their stay, the perfectly symmetrical house is also open to various outdoor activities such as gardening, mining, and horse riding. The lawn is regularly maintained with properly manicured-leveled grass floors and thoroughly sized shrubs. All in all, it is just an aesthetic dream home for everyone and a perfect fit for the royals. 

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