Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s 3-Year-Old Archie Has a Whopping Net Worth

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s 3-Year-Old Archie Has a Whopping Net Worth

The birth of a royal member is not just good news for the royal family but also for the economy of the entire Kingdom. This has been time and again proved by each newborn who has graced the UK Sovereigns and subjects. Every new addition to the family is entitled to a net worth the moment they are born. And the seventh in the line of succession to Britain’s throne, Archie Harrison, the eldest of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Archie, was no exception. 

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Back in 2019, when the Sussexes welcomed their baby boy into the world, it not only lit faces among the Palace insiders but also amongst the UK commoners. Right before his official debut to the world in Windsor Palace, two days following his birth, he had already started affecting the UK economy quite positively. 

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Archie, like his elder cousins, generated more than a billion as soon as he was born to bolster the cash flow in the United Kingdom. As reported by Hello Magazine, his estimated net worth at the time of his birth was €1.47 billion as he made his space in the billionaires club of the royal family. 

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The spike in UK’s economy resulted from the sudden increase in expenditure on childrenswear and infant products by a significant amount of 1.125Bn UK pounds. The immediate boost in sales of food, drink, souvenirs, and memorabilia stood at £50-£70m. The sales were definitely rising in the Kingdom but Markle’s native on the other side also benefited in its own ways. 

Where does Archie stand among Royal kids in terms of net worth? 

In fact, his immediate net worth was even greater than a Wales child, Prince Louis whose total worth stood at €125 million. Prior to him, the eldest royal kids of their generation, Prince George and Princess Charlotte pushed a good €5 billion and €3.5 billion as they stepped into the living world.  

Speaking of the other family members, Archie’s own parents, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are worth a good €65 million. Great-grandmother, the late Queen had whopping total assets of €500 million before her demise last year in September.

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