Prince Harry Accuses Queen Consort Camilla of Forging Connections With Press To “rehabilitate her image”

Prince Harry Accuses Queen Consort Camilla of Forging Connections With Press To “rehabilitate her image”

The relationship between Prince Harry and Queen Consort has been on the rocks from the very beginning. Just like the late Princess Diana, the California-based royal also believes that Camilla Parker Bowles was the reason behind the fallout between his parents. The early leaks from his memoir, Spare, revealed the prince’s description of King Charles’ second marriage.

Speaking about the events before the royal ceremony that took place in April 2005, Prince Harry claimed that he and Prince William begged their father to not marry for the second time. They wanted then Prince of Wales to be happy and live with the love of his life but without marriage. The Sussex royal also narrated the concerns he had regarding the entry of a stepmother into his life. Interestingly, the Duke did not stop at that, as he termed the Queen Consort as a ‘dangerous’ person. What all Prince said about Parker Bowles in his book and 60 Minutes’ interview?

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Prince Harry wished happiness for Camilla Parker Bowles 

Detailing about his stepmother in Spare, Prince Harry labeled her a dangerous person. The Duke wanted only happiness for the queen consort, as he believed that she would be less harmful if she was settled in life. Speaking about the need to call his father’s wife vile, the California-based royal reckoned in an interview with Anderson Cooper that Camilla Parker Bowles could go to any lengths to improve her image in the media.

Following Princess Diana’s death, there was a lot of mudslinging of Camilla and then Prince Charles in the United Kingdom. Thus, she had an enormous task of building her image to take the prestigious title of Queen Consort. “Because of the need for her to rehabilitate her image, that made her dangerous. Because of the connections, she was forging within the British press. There was an open willingness on both sides to trade information,” Prince Harry mentioned while speaking to Anderson Cooper. 

Further, in the explosive interaction, Prince Harry also clarified why he termed Camilla Parker Bowles a villain. As per the Duke of Sussex, the now Queen Consort was the third person in his parents’ marriage and one of the biggest reasons for their divorce. 

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