President Joe Biden to Snub King Charles’s Coronation? Everything You Need to Know About His Long Held Discomfort With British Monarchy

President Joe Biden to Snub King Charles’s Coronation? Everything You Need to Know About His Long Held Discomfort With British Monarchy

The United Kingdom’s upcoming Coronation of King Charles III is getting interesting by the minute. The invitations will be going out any moment and there has already been much speculation about who is attending and who is not. While rampant rumors still hang in the air about the estranged royal couple, the presence of important invitees is also in talks at the moment. One of the top names that still hang in by the thread for the Coronation is the American President, Joe Biden. 

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Known for his long-held indifference to the royal family, the Biden reign has never come to comfortable terms with the British Kingdom. And now that the UK Sovereign is inching closer to one of its historical events ever exist, the attendance of the American President treads in unsure waters. 

An exclusive issue from TIME magazine has disclosed the statements of two Whitehouse associates regarding America’s support for the Kingdom’s crowning ceremony. The officials who have demanded confidentiality while revealing the President’s plans have said, “That does not feel like an event Joe Biden will attend.” Also stressing the fact that his official schedule for the month of May has not been finalized, the officer hinted at how Biden is not too sure about attending the Crowning ceremony. 

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Nevertheless, the invitations are all set to go out in the month of April. Buckingham Palace is soon to release an update regarding who all are confirmed to attend anytime after the invitations are out. 

Why has Joe Biden grown indifferent to the United Kingdom?

It is also to note that despite his age-old discomfort with the UK Sovereigns, Biden made it a point to attend the Queen’s Funeral. He, along with the first lady of America, Jill Biden, was present at the funeral of the Late Queen Elizabeth II during the official mourning period in the month of September last year. 

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Nonetheless, Joe Biden always keeps relations with the monarchy at an arm’s length and it is always business as usual between the two nations. This comes evident from the fact that he and his family have expressed disdain to Britain for having brutally colonized their native, Ireland for over 100 years. Once following Election Day in 2020, when Biden was asked for a quick word for the BBC. He straight away gave up the question answering, “The BBC? I’m Irish.”

What are your opinions about Joe Biden on the UK Monarchy? Do you think he will attend the coronation? Let us know in the comments below. 

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