Preparing For Your Long Holiday Travels? Let Meghan Markle Guide You Through Getting a Princess Experience

Preparing For Your Long Holiday Travels? Let Meghan Markle Guide You Through Getting a Princess Experience

Travel has always been an essential part of our lives, but for Meghan Markle, it is a bit more. We recently came across Markle and her tours across the globe including Malta. But have you ever noticed how the Duchess travels? What are her ways? And what are some must-haves in her travel hours?

Ever since as a child, Markle along with her family has gotten herself accustomed to a lot of traveling. A couple of years ago the Duchess once talked about it at a stretch in one of her interviews. In 2017 Allure she opened up about how off-the-beaten-path travels were a big part of her life. One year before that, she told Tig readers what are the ways she feels convenient to venture in. From diets to dresses, she said it all. Read further to get yourself a complete guide to experience a princess-esque journey. 

What does Meghan Markle carry with her on her ventures?

First things first, Markle started talking about her hygiene and sanitation protocol. The former American actress confessed that even though she is not a “germaphobe” she always makes it a point to use some quick hand wipes or a travel sanitizer spray. This is to erase any dirt particles on places like airplane seats, handles, and trays, that carry chances of spreading diseases. 

Following this is Meghan’s Tea Tree Oil which is her travel companion forever. Available on Amazon, the product is a pure essential cleansing oil. Markle carries this everywhere she goes to instantly heal cuts, marks, or breakouts in the course of her journey. Adding to this was, as a matter of course, water.

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 This might be a crowd puller but oftentimes people forget to grab a bottle of water on their journey. Stating the importance of being hydrated, Meghan weighed on how water is a major must-have for her.  Along with water, instant snacks cause no harm. Talking about the same, Markle suggests carrying a pack of probiotics to deal with a bad stomach, and in the worst case, even constipation.


Another important fact to keep in mind is the complete wreckage of the sleep cycle while traveling. Hence, in such cases, probiotics are of great help.

What do you think of Meghan’s travel regime? Are you planning to inculcate some of it in yours too?

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