Predictions? Kanye West Once Deemed Bill Cosby Innocent Before the Ultimate Supreme Court Overturn

Predictions? Kanye West Once Deemed Bill Cosby Innocent Before the Ultimate Supreme Court Overturn

Public opinion sways with new updates that the media brings to light over a case. However, it seems it has always been the opposite for Kanye West. The man simply enjoys going against the herd. But at least, he sticks to his opinion despite backlashes.

He has made countless controversial statements over his long career. His love for controversial figures like Hitler is nothing new. Back in 2016, the rapper voiced his opinion on the Bill Cosby case. And it is least to say that the public was not happy with his out-of-the-blue statement. 

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Kanye West tweeted Bill Cosby was innocent amidst the backlash the comedian was facing in 2016

In 2016, just before Kanye West dropped his T.L.O.P album, the rapper caused an uproar with his tweet. As per CNN, he had taken to the micro-blogging site to claim that Bill Cosby was innocent. The tweet was made at the time when the comedian was facing charges of sexual assault. Many were of the opinion that it was just one of his tactics to gain traction before the release of his album. Nevertheless, he did manage to get people angry.

Kanye West says that Bill Cosby is 'innocent'

In Pennsylvania, Cosby was accused of raping ex-Temple University employee Andrea Constand. Apparently, the actor had raped her in his home in 2004. Apart from this, several women, 50 exactly, had come forward with similar accounts. 

He faced similar sexual allegations back in 2005 as well. But at the time, he had denied everything. He only admitted to acquiring Quaaludes with the intention of administering it to the women and having intercourse with them. The Pennsylvania court used this very confession to convict him in 2018. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

However, three years later, the Supreme Court stated that his confession was “inadmissible” and overturned the ruling. He was released from jail in 2021. Now the 85-year-old is hoping to make a comeback and go on a tour in 2022. 

Meanwhile, Ye is now under investigation for acting aggressively with a woman. The newly married Yeezy designer apparently threw away a woman’s phone when she refused to stop filming him

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