Post Oscar Slapgate, Jada Pinkett to Offer Glimpses of Her ‘Complicated’ Marriage With Will Smith

Post Oscar Slapgate, Jada Pinkett to Offer Glimpses of Her ‘Complicated’ Marriage With Will Smith

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith have been in the headlines for the Slapgate controversy that took place at the 94th Academy Awards nine months back. Chris Rock, the host of the Oscars, joked about Jada’s bald head, which was caused by the medical condition, Alopecia. Smith took a stand for his wife when he walked up to the stage and slapped Chris.

After a glorious romance, the two got hitched in 1997. However, their marriage was not a smooth ride. They had ups and downs throughout their complicated marriage. In an upcoming memoir, Jada is planning to lie bare all about her “rollercoaster” of a relationship with the superstar and her own complicated life. 

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Jada Pinkett Smith opens up about her troubled marriage with husband Will Smith in a new book 

Jada’s unnamed new book is going to chronicle her life from childhood to adulthood. The memoir is going to offer a glimpse into The Matrix Resurrection actress’ marriage troubles with her husband as well and her new chapter as a mother of two. The two share a son and daughter, Jaden and Willow.

The raw memoir shall talk about the 51-year-old’s unusual upbringing in Baltimore. She was the child of two addicts. She was once a promising career student, but it would all go down the hill when she would get involved with drugs and become a drug dealer. Soon, she would find fame and get a fairytale romance with Will Smith. There is still no official release date for the memoir, but it is to arrive in 2023. At the heart of the “no bars hold” memoir are two love stories – one with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and the other with herself. 

Previously, Pinkett had talked about their rocky marriage in her Facebook show, Red Table Talk, but the memoir will delve deeper. Will on the other hand is gearing for the release of his next movie, Emancipation

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When Jada’s memoir becomes available on the stands, will you be picking it up?

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