Popular YouTuber Picks Henry Cavill and Mark Hamill as the Only Celebs He Would Collaborate With, and the Reason is Quite Surprising

Popular YouTuber Picks Henry Cavill and Mark Hamill as the Only Celebs He Would Collaborate With, and the Reason is Quite Surprising

Over the past few years, we have noticed a trend of streamers and YouTube stars reaching the same level of fame as some top Hollywood stars. Fitting the description is videographer and YouTube star Le Joueur du Grenier, more popularly known as Frédéric Molas. Owing to the following he enjoys, Molas is often invited to various film conventions along with some huge stars. However, despite being in the same room as Hollywood celebrities, the YouTuber is not very comfortable around them. It might surprise you to know, but Molas once refused to meet two popular stars from the Harry Potter franchise.

However, there are two stars he would love to collaborate with: Henry Cavill and Mark Hamill, and there is a valid reason for it.

Frédéric Molas reveals he wants to collaborate with Henry Cavill and Mark Hamill

Previously, during an event, Frédéric Molas was in the audience along with James and Oliver Phelps, who star as twins, Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter franchise. However, he refused to meet the two stars. Molas spoke about how he was uncomfortable meeting the duo. While Molas did hesitate to meet the two popular stars, that does not mean he would say no to all collaborations.

According to Stephane Larue news, the YouTuber revealed that he would love to meet Henry Cavill, who was playing the Geralt back then. Another celebrity Molas name dropped was Mark Hamill, who starred as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise. The video creator revealed how he would be delighted to meet and collaborate with these two actors.

Interestingly, Molas naming these huge stars goes on to prove that it is not an easy task to impress him. Molas did not reveal the exact reason on why he would love to meet these actors. However, it is safe to assume that the YouTuber was interested in meeting the two, since both the actors are involved in the video games universe.

How Henry Cavill and Mark Hamill are deeply rooted to the video game universe

We are no strangers to Cavill’s love for the video games. The Enola Holmes star is a huge gaming nerd. He even landed his role in The Witcher because of the deep knowledge the actor had of The Witcher games and novels. On the other hand, Mark Hamill has voiced a number of video game characters. Some popular games that the actor has lent his voice to include, X2: Wolverine’s Revenge and Dark Siders.

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While the duo have never collaborated, it would surely be interesting to witness them together for a video game project. What are your thoughts? Comment down below.

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