“Po*N Is an Art Form” – ‘Euphoria’ Star Chloe Cherry Compares Being Adult Film Star to ‘Traumatising’ Restaurant Work

“Po*N Is an Art Form” – ‘Euphoria’ Star Chloe Cherry Compares Being Adult Film Star to ‘Traumatising’ Restaurant Work

The provocative teen show Euphoria is mostly known for starring Zendaya and making a star out of Sydney Sweeney and Jacob Elordi. The teen drama about drugs and suicide is a very controversial show. Much like its subject matter, for its second season, the show cast former adult star Chloe Cherry as the drug addict Faye.

Recently when the actress guested on Emily Ratajkowski’s show, she got candid about her experience working in various industries. Her most shocking revelation was, however, the star difference in the working environment for women in porn and in restaurants.

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Chloe Cherry gets real about her experience in Hollywood, porn, and the service industry

Sex work is often disregarded and sex workers are not given enough credit or respect feels Chloe Cherry. She shattered the misconception about exploitation in the porn industry, calling it a much safer profession than being a cocktail server. As a former adult film actress, Cherry always enjoyed porn and wanted to become a showgirl since she was little. She was always confident in her sexuality and she moved to Miami at 18 to pursue a career in porn. 

Porn is an art form in this world that people should respect,” she said in an OnlyFan Live video as per DailyBeast

In porn everyone is just involved in creating art, women are respected and made to feel safe. She added that there are no sex offenders working in porn. However, compared to that, working in a restaurant and serving 500 people was too traumatizing for the 25-year-old. She had to constantly turn a deaf ear to colorful remarks and rebuke the sexual advances of her boss

Despite the fun she had working in porn, she quit the industry while she was ahead in the game. Becoming a famous mainstream porn actress was never her goal. Moreover, while the work was good in porn, the money was far better in Hollywood. She was ecstatic to make more money in a day than she did working in adult films for a year. 

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Do you agree with her comparison and comments about the two industries? Tell us your point of view on the said matter in the comments below. 

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