Play These Netflix Wordle to Test Your Knowledge of Your Favorite Shows

Play These Netflix Wordle to Test Your Knowledge of Your Favorite Shows

The pandemic was a bad time for all of us. But, the pandemic period also saw an emergence of games. While it locked us in our homes, we also reconnected with our families with simple card games, ludo, and more. One such game, which has hooked people across the globe is Wordle, and even the admins of Netflix social media accounts can’t get over it.

What is Wordle?

Although the game is quite popular, you might have missed it. Moreover, the game doesn’t explain itself from its name. Wordle sounds like a complex game, but it lures you to the extent where you need to play it every day. But, do not worry about wasting time, as it is highly knowledgeable and productive.

Josh Wardle created the word game, wherein the player gets six chances to guess the correct five-letter word. Your attempts lead to the boxes changing colors. Thus, the green boxes mean the letter is correct, and grey means the letter is wrong. When the box is yellow, it shows that you have the correct letter but at the wrong place.

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How is Netflix involved in Wordle?

For now, the relationship between Wordle and Netflix might remain a mystery to you without much context. Since Twitter users discuss the word every day, admins of various Netflix accounts also joined the Wordle craze. For instance, the official Twitter handle of Netflix Latin America shared this meme-cum-wordle.

While it started out as a fun exercise to improve reach, now many users tag Netflix after they find out the word of the day. Many Twitter users have demanded the streaming giant make a wordle-themed show/movie. A few genius Twitter users have even come up with the premise. So, keep your fingers crossed, Netflix might just bring this fan request to life.

Wordles from Netflix shows/movies that you can play

If the game has caught your attention, then we have come up with some words for Wordles based on Netflix series/movies.

  • Cobra Kai: Cobra, Eagle, Fight
  • Queen’s Gambit: Queen, Pawns, Horse
  • Squid Game: Squid, Money
  • Demon Slayer: Demon, Sword
  • The Witcher: Magic

Let us know in the comments about the toughest five-letter words you can think of.

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