Pikachu vs Mario: When Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pratt Locked Horns For The Most Bizarre Reason

Pikachu vs Mario: When Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pratt Locked Horns For The Most Bizarre Reason

The AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football league has always been a center of the humorous drama, heated contests, and a lot of gibberish banter. All but for a good cause. For context, the AGBO Superhero Fantasy league is a league for Marvel superheroes. The top-tier actors of Hollywood play together to raise charity among the needy. Some of the members are Tom Holland, Miles Teller, Chris Evans, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Pratt, and many more.

Two years down, the league made it to the headliners again as two vital members, Pikachu and Mario, came face to face for a match against each other. For those who are not aware, Pikachu is Ryan’s character while Mario is Chris Pratt’s in Super Mario Bros. Movie. Here is why the stars were up for a showdown.

When Chris Pratt and Ryan Reynolds give each other a tough edge in the league

According to reports, in a tweet that surfaced over the internet in 2019, the pictures and media evidently showed them both picking on each other. The Guardians of the Galaxy Star, Chris, gave a hilarious reaction to a picture having Hemsworth’s Thor and Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool together in the frame. They did all of it just for some recreation and fun. However, sometimes rivals become too serious and superheroes are no exceptions.

Pratt then posted another tweet which marked the proof that he has far “more points” than Hemsworth and Reynolds will ever have. While fans relished this news, Reynolds could not keep up with the fact. He instead tried to push on harder to bag a first place in the final standings.

As we write this, the standing publication gives some other further details of the League. While Team Hemsworth is sitting on the top, Team Tellers occupies the next level, next to Chris. Team Ryan Reynolds is in the third position out of 14.

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Speaking of Ryan, the star broke the internet a couple of days ago with some amazing news about his upcoming Marvel Movie. His Deadpool of 2022 will be something totally out of the box, bringing back Wolverine into the same frame. His two back-to-back YouTube update videos gave a lot more insight into his upcoming piece.

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