Pete Davidson Ready To ‘make Kanye West explode’ By Launching his Own Clothing Brand Post Kim Kardashian Split

Pete Davidson Ready To ‘make Kanye West explode’ By Launching his Own Clothing Brand Post Kim Kardashian Split

Pete Davidson and Kanye West have faced controversies over the past couple of months. The rift between the two keeps catching flame from time to time over trivial matters. And, in the past few days, both have gotten under each other’s skin way too deep.

The world is back at the timeless drama between Kim, Pete, and Ye. While Kanye is still breathing fire over him and Kim’s (broken) relationship, Pete has been coming up with new fat chances to tease the belligerent rapper. Reports recently read that the comedian has decided to launch his own fashion brand in the face of West’s Yeezy.

Pete Davidson plans against Kanye West to take over his Yeezy

After his split with his Kardashian, the comedian allegedly plans an indirect attack on West. No wonder the former Saturday Night Live star has learned a lot of ways to make money from his billionaire ex-girlfriend on this matter. Kim has reportedly changed him after getting inspired by her hustles. The comedian has been attending meetings about designing a clothing line, which he knows will explode Kanye,” says an insider.

What started as a regular celebrity controversy involving the three has now become a far-fetched dispute in the industry. Earlier, in a desperate attempt to win his wife and mom of four children back, Kanye released a music video targeted entirely at this issue and clearly chopped off Pete Davidson’s head.

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Prior to this, Davidson had called the rapper on his bombshell feud and tried to escape. People now know how to sell entities. They now know how media marketing works these days. While West is lamenting all over his impending, Pete is back with the roasts and trolls to get him off his skin.

The star is now in practice to set his gram handle on fire even at the minute inconveniences. The 44-year-old musician has begun taking to his Instagram account to share opinions regarding Kim’s dating life and decision-making regarding their children together.

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