“People just want to be seen” – Amidst All the Criticism, Meghan Markle Wants to Be Understood by the People

“People just want to be seen” – Amidst All the Criticism, Meghan Markle Wants to Be Understood by the People

No one better than Meghan Markle can understand the pain of constantly being under media scrutiny. Ever since her relationship with Prince Harry went public, the former American actress has been put on a media trial numerous times. Her every statement and move is criticized, while the royal experts and crown servants are always eager to dig deeper into her past and present.

Meghan Markle was solely held responsible for her and Prince Harry’s exit from the royal family. Meanwhile, she is also accused time and again of brainwashing the royal Prince and separating him from the House of Windsor. Meghan has mostly refrained from clarifying what is being written and said about her. However, just like any other person, she also wants to be understood by people.

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Meghan Markle speaks about the importance of being understood 

In an interview with Variety, Meghan Markle was questioned about the importance of being understood by the people. Speaking about the same, the former actress revealed that the feeling of being seen and understood is really important for all human beings. Her podcast Archetypes and general interaction with women also made Meghan realize how validation is a common denominator for many women across the world. 

“I can only speak for myself, but I think feeling understood and seen are really important. That has been a common denominator that has come up in Archetypes. And the work I do with communities of women. People just want to be seen. That is also where representation comes into play,” the Duchess said.

People might finally hear things from Meghan’s perspective in the Netflix docuseries. The Sussex royals will be narrating their story on the streamer and it will release next year. Moreover, Prince Harry is also writing a memoir to project his point of view.

Though Meghan Markle has always faced backlash in the United Kingdom, Queen’s death only made things worse for her. She was questioned about her every move during the service and state funeral. Meanwhile, the crown servants also slammed the Duchess for making Queen’s last days difficult by breaking the royal family. 

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