‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 6: Meet the New Character Who Brings a Terrible News to the Shelby Family

‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 6: Meet the New Character Who Brings a Terrible News to the Shelby Family

Peaky Blinders’ penultimate fourth episode called the Sapphire just dropped a few hours ago. The episode was probably the fines of the sixth season till now. The music, cinematography, acting, and writing was top-notch in this episode. The episode revealed key plot points that will prove crucial in the final seasons’ conclusion. We also met a new character who was the harbinger of terrible news.

Peaky Blinders revealed Tommy’s doctor

Those who haven’t watched the Peaky Blinders sixth season, it goes without saying there are huge spoilers ahead.

The fourth episode opens with the heartbreaking sequence of Ruby’s final processions. At the procession, Tommy swears, and we quote, “The devils who did this will pay.” What follows in the almost an hour-long episode is Tommy, full of rage, trying to get his revenge and change the world.

Throughout the episode, Tommy is so involved in what he calls “trying to do good” that he avoids urgent notices and calls from the hospital Ruby was admitted to.

Finally, Lizzie asks Tommy to open an urgent telegram from the hospital, to which Tommy replies they are just bills of medical expenses that he has cleared. But Lizzie feels otherwise.

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At the final moments of the episode, Tommy opens the notice, and it turns out to be a call for a personal meeting with Tommy’s family doctor Mr. Holford.

Who is Dr. Holford and what was the news?

As seen in the final moments of the show, Dr. Holford is Tommy Shelbys personal doctor, and about whom at least Lizzie is unaware. Actor Aneurin Barnard plays him in the show. Aneurin announced that he would be playing the character in a tweet this morning.

Holford appears to be a middle-aged man who has serious news for Tommy. In the previous episode, after Ruby is diagnosed with a highly contagious disease Consumption, doctors asked Tommy to get an X-Ray taken for precautionary measures.
Now, Holford says, Tommy does not have TB but a disease from the same bacteria that causes TB. Tommy is diagnosed with Tubercoloma at the base of his skull, thus being inoperable. Finally, we understand that Tommy has a year or 18 months at best before his motor neuron functions fail entirely.
What do you think about these new developments? Will Tommy survive till the end of the Peaky Blinders series or not?

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