Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 3—What Should We Expect From the Episode Titled “Gold”

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode 3—What Should We Expect From the Episode Titled “Gold”

Peaky Blinders season 6 will be reaching its midpoint, with the third episode releasing this Sunday. This means the show creators will start collecting the narratives for one hell of a series finale. After one of the best climaxes in the last episode, a lot was left to be answered in episode three.

So let’s see what all can we expect in season 6, episode three of Peaky Blinders named Gold, including the return of a very popular character.

Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode three – what to expect

Return of the Esme Shelby

Episode two continued in the tradition of the first one and ended things on a spiritual note, with Tommy visibly disturbed by Ruby’s failing health and her vision of the “Gray Man.”

Episode three of the final season will mark the return of Esme Shelby. We see in the last few seconds of episode two Tommy desperately trying to connect with Esme over a phone call after Ruby gets sick again. We feel that this much-awaited return of Esme will not be all sunshine and roses for the Shelbys. She left on a really bitter note, accusing Tommy of her late husbands John Shelby; just like Michael does for Polly.

Not only that, she is probably the reason for Ruby’s vision and declining health as she had cursed Tommy just before leaving for good (until now). So it will be very interesting to see how Tommy and Esme interact after years of separation. Maybe she disagrees to help them, or worse, sides with Michael as they both blame Tommy for other losses.

Ada meets Diana Mitford Peaky Blinders Season 6 Episode three

BBC loves to tease the fans by releasing small clips or photos right before the episodes release. And they have done the same thing with episode three. Recently BBC has uploaded a three-minute clipping from the upcoming episode.

In the clip, Ada Throne is visiting Diana probably for a deal. Her meeting Daina answers a question from episode two. The answer is Ada will help Tommy in the business probably after seeing her niece’s condition and how Tommy is concerned for her. In the video, not much is revealed about the motive of the meeting, but we do get a sense that Ada might truly try to take Polly’s place as she answers Diana with such ferocity that even the Mistress of Mosely has to applaud her.

Mosley-Nelson meetup and business deal with Alfie

Peaky Blinders episode two marked the comeback of season five baddie Oswald Mosely. We also got the first look at James Frecheville as Jack Nelson. In the previous episode, we understand that Tommy has been intercepting President Roosevelt’s letter (Only God knows how). The president is trying to establish fascism in the United Kingdom. And that is the reason for Nelsons’ visit.

Tommy wants to ally Nelson with Mosley in return for Nelson allows Tommy to distribute his opium into America. So hopefully, we might see a Mosley-Nelson meeting in the new episode.

While on the business, Tommy promises Nelson opium that he has already pledged to Alfie minutes into episode two. So Tommy is dealing with two parts at the same time. The reason Tommy is doing this remains unknown, but we have complete faith in him having a sound reason for dealing so close to his neck.

In episode three we might also see Michael trying to break out of jail as he was promised by Gina he will be out in weeks. But we will have to wait to see how much of our predictions come true.

What do you feel about the third episode of the final season? Will we see Esme and will Tommy deal with Nelson betraying Alfie? Let us know in the comments.

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