Another Henry Cavill-like Exit? James Gunn Clears the Decks on John Cena’s Future & ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2

Another Henry Cavill-like Exit? James Gunn Clears the Decks on John Cena’s Future & ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2

It is almost time when we bid farewell to the old DC Universe. James Gunn, along with his partner Peter Saffron, is seemingly working day and night to mold a new superhero world. A world devoid of Henry Cavill’s superman and many such previous fan-favorite superheroes. Another such DCU series that has had no confirmation for either renewal or cancellation until now was none other than the HBO Max series, Peacemaker.

Although Gunn was quiet about it lately, he just let out a few hints. If you are a Suicide Squad fan, you might want to take a deep breath because Peacemaker is not bidding goodbye anytime soon. The co-CEO of the newly christened universe addressed the question raised by a fan explaining that the John Cena starrer is simply postponed not canceled.

The huge irresistibly silly fun is thankfully not yet over. Gunn has simply pushed it back after a plethora of responsibilities that came along with his new position at the Disney universe. To one of the fans, he even answered that he is working on the legacy. Hence, “Waller first. (Peacemaker) after.” 

However, whether John Cena will do the honor of continuing this killer combo of vulgarity, heart, and sheer insanity of winning? We do not know yet. Gunn has evidently replaced significant actors, if not many and he might as well do the same with the American wrestler and former rapper. Season 1 of Peacemaker was notably released back in 2022 and here are all the details you need to know:

Peacemaker season 1 scored a bullseye

Anchored by a powerful performance by John Cena, the existing season one of the Suicide Squad spin-off has the wildest action sequence. John Cena’s titular character will apparently kill a lot to maintain peace and tranquility in the world. Not to forget, it delivers the best jokes DCU has had delivered in recent years. Further, adding layer after layer to its titular character, Gunn’s genius has left plenty of room for the series to grow. So he will certainly not let go of the adaptation just like that.

With a Tomatometer score of 94% and an IMDb rating of 8.3/10, the HBO series certainly rules the hearts of many. Have you watched the first season? If so, do you want a second season of Peacemaker? Let us know in the comments below.

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Meanwhile, you can always stream the existing 8 episodes on HBO Max or Amazon Prime.

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