Pamela Anderson Reveals the Only Man She Adores in Her Life in Her New Memoir

Pamela Anderson Reveals the Only Man She Adores in Her Life in Her New Memoir

The year has just begun, and it’s raining memoirs. While the public thinks life is easy for the ones living behind 6ft gates and walls, memoirs reveal the real struggles and their less-than-nice experiences. Following Prince Harry’s revealing memoir, Spare, Pamela Anderson also dropped her latest book. Love, Pamela, which dropped on January 31 and is also adapted as a Netflix documentary, gives the fans an inside look into her life. 

Apart from her sex symbol status, the actress had often drawn attention to her love life. She had multiple partners and even got married five times. In fact, Anderson is hoping to find romance another time despite all the heartbreak. But one man has always rules her heart and years later, she finally disclosed the person. 

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The only man who ever treated Pamela Anderson with the utmost respect

Sexualized from a very young age, she was desired by many. This also meant she faced several uncomfortable instances, too. But the woman never quite got her dream man. Pamela Anderson revealed to Times that her partners never treated her nicely except for Hugh Hefner. The Playboy magazine publisher was both a mentor and a dear friend to the 55-year-old actress. In fact, when Hefner died in 2017, Anderson paid him a loving tribute. 

The Baywatch star further delved into her past marriages and why her marriages never lasted. It was through Hefner that she met Jon Peters, her fourth husband. They met at his playboy mansion and got hitched in 2020, but their union only lasted for 12 days.

Pamela’s disappointing love life

Kid Rock was also one of many husbands of Pamela. Married for a year, they broke off after a nasty fight following her movie, Borat’s premiere. Apparently, Rock had no idea that Pamela was making a cameo in the film. The actress had kept tight-lipped about it to make it a surprise for her husband. But Rock was not happy with the surprise and was even more pissed when the movie referred to Anderson’s sex tape with ex Tommy Lee. He stormed out and left Pamela to hitch a ride home.

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The star claimed that her many marriages ended because she refused to get abused. And was staunch that her kids also learned to walk out of abusive relationships.

Have you read her book yet? What did you think about her tumultuous love life? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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