Ozark Season 4: How Far Can the Unlikely Romance Between Darlene and Wyatt Go?

Ozark Season 4: How Far Can the Unlikely Romance Between Darlene and Wyatt Go?

You can always count on Ozark to deliver shocking twists and brutal deaths, but what came as a huge surprise was the romance between the unhinged Darlene Snell and homeless Wyatt! It’s not that the show only focuses on the money laundering aspect because it does have some serious complex romances. Case in point, Ruth and Ben, and Marty and Wendy. It’s just that no one was rooting for Darlene and Wyatt to get together. But the pair had made it official in season 4, and we are here to give you a timeline of their romance. 

Darlene bails Wyatt out 

In season 3 of Ozark, heroin queen, Darlene Snell bails Wyatt out of jail after he is reported by the owners of the house he was living in. He would be working on her farm until he repays her debt. After that first encounter, Wyatt soon starts living with her after she offers him a place to stay. Their bond grows stronger hereafter, as Wyatt starts raising Zeke with her. He also testifies on her behalf and that gets him in the heroin business. 

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Ozark season 4 Wyatt’s confession

The two had gotten together before, but their relationship status was still very vague. That was until episode 2 of Ozark season 4.

Ruth is left flabbergasted when Wyatt tells her that Darlene is his girlfriend.

Why did the makers think their romance was a good idea? 

Wyatt was directionless: He had skipped college and was homeless. He needed a purpose and a home. Darlene, on the other hand, was juggling business and raising a baby. She needed emotional support to help achieve her ambitions. They met and gave each other what the other was lacking. Their relationship grew out of their need for a supporting figure and a purpose. Not to mention both of them had a lot happen to them. Darlene poisoned his husband and adopted baby Zeke. Her heroin business wasn’t doing well after the Byrdes moved in. Ruth’s confession crushed Wyatt, and he became estranged from his cousin.  

They were emotionally wasted so it does make sense why these two forged a strong bond. What are your thoughts on Wyatt and Darlene’s relationship? Let us know in the comments.

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