How Had Jason Bateman, Laura Linney & Julia Garner Wanted Their ‘Ozark’ Characters to Die Years Back?

How Had Jason Bateman, Laura Linney & Julia Garner Wanted Their ‘Ozark’ Characters to Die Years Back?

Ozark is now a Netflix masterpiece. The timeless classic crime thriller is one of those shows that are here to maintain the legacy of the genre for decades and decades of entertainment media. However, showrunner Chris Mundy had no idea where the series and its prime characters are leading when they first signed for the money laundering, anti-hero suspense.

The 4-season crime thriller was not a planned narrative from the beginning. Simply said, the director created characters that were incredibly substantial and dynamic and who ultimately became their own lives’ architects. Julia Garner, Jason Bateman, and Laura Linney were among those who stood out in the show.

While Julia Garner’s performance was the standalone, best ever seen in history, the other two were nothing less. Notably, the series saw its mind-boggling climax in the name of season 4 earlier this year, but some 4 years ago the actors perhaps had some other plans or no clue about it.

Ozark stars once talked about their characters in the series when it was in its initial stages

Some four years earlier, when fans were only acquainted with the first season of the money laundering drama, and when we did not have any clue that Julia Garner’s Ruth would come out a queen from the underdog of Netflix’s flagship show, the three main characters appeared in an interview with Jake Hamilton. The Emmy winner host of JAKES’S TAKES directly dived into the future of these actors, wasting no time at all.

When he asked how much each of the three interviewees wanted their characters to live, what the interviewer would have expected was a reliable time stamp. But the actors were witty enough to keep it a mystery. Bateman passed the question to Garner, who replied back in 2018, “I have so much fun playing the character, so yeah, keep her alive.” 

Laura Linney carried the conversation from there on, drawing a sharp analogy to glacial mass. She asserted that “audience feels like they are traveling on ice. You don’t really know where it is going, or you are gonna drop through.” She further suggested they are not sure where the narrative is going.

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Anyway, season 4 marked the end of the hit series and we certainly had a satisfying climax for each of their character in Ozark. Which one of the three did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.

You can now stream the crime thriller only on Netflix.

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