“Out of the romantic situation”- Jenna Ortega Has Some Solid Plans for ‘Wednesday’ Season 2, and It Involves a Lot of Horror

“Out of the romantic situation”- Jenna Ortega Has Some Solid Plans for ‘Wednesday’ Season 2, and It Involves a Lot of Horror

Tim Burton’s updated Wednesday was a massive hit on Netflix. The show garnered humongous numbers and is now the second most-watched TV show of all time on the streamer. The popularity of the show was because of the excellent performance of Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams. She took the iconic Christina Ricci character and made it her own. Her Wednesday dance also became a TikTok sensation upon the show’s debut. With the numbers that the show pulled, Netflix didn’t take too long to renew the show for a second season. And the lead already knows what she wants for her character in the second installment.

During her chat with Jimmy Fallon at the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the Wednesday star revealed that she wants more horror elements incorporated into the narrative. When Fallon prodded her for more details on the second season, the 20-year-old revealed that the writers’ room is still very fresh and she has no idea about the plot. But she wants Wednesday to focus on herself and become her own individual. This means staying away from any romantic entanglements. 

We wanna up the horror aspect a little bit. And then get Wednesday out of the romantic situation, and just let her be her own individual,” she said. Jenna Ortega had previously expressed that the romantic triangle didn’t make sense to her. She had grown protective of her character and had to change the script several times to justify her character arc. 

With her only romantic relationship ending up in flames in the first season, Wednesday is probably too traumatized to get into another one. But with that ending, writers may write romance. 

Will Jenna Ortega give in to fans’ demands to see romance in Wednesday 2?

With Tyler turning out a Hyde, Xavier was proven innocent. In the finale, the latter gave Wednesday a phone requesting her to stay in touch. Throughout the show, the two characters had tension between them. Not to mention Xavier dropped the hint that they knew each other in their childhood. Although there is uncertainty around the actor Hynes White who plays Xavier, fans are still curious about him. 

On the other hand, fans are also hoping to see Enid Sinclair and Wednesday become a couple down the road. 

Do you want more romance or more horror in Wednesday 2? Drop your views in the comments. 

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