“Our series starts with a reality”: ‘Little Women’s Director Kim Hee-Won Talks About the Interpretation Behind the Kdrama

“Our series starts with a reality”: ‘Little Women’s Director Kim Hee-Won Talks About the Interpretation Behind the Kdrama

It is finally here! The Korean adaptation of the tried and tested Louisa May Alcott’s novel Little Women Kdrama started premiering on Netflix. The premiere of the Kdrama itself brought in a massive viewership rating of over 6.4%.  Apart from the fact that it is an adaption of a world-famous novel, a huge factor behind the hype is the names attached to it.

Directed by Vincenzo, The Crowned Clown, and Glamorous Temptation director Kim Hee Won and with a screenplay by the brilliant Jung Seo Kyung, known for her work in The Truth Beneath, is not something every Kdrama can boast about. The Little Women director recently sat down with Lee Gyu Lee to talk about the casting, interpretation and making of the Kdrama. Keep on reading to find out what Kim Hee Won had to say.

Little Women director praises the crew of the kdrama

The enigmatic tale of three sisters gets a new and exciting twist thanks to Kim Hee Won and Jung Seo Kyung. Hee Won shared that it is a piece that is very close to her heart. So, making Jung Seo Kyung’s script come to life was a magical process.

Speaking of Little Women, she said ”Our series starts with a reality,’‘ referring to the poverty-ridden state of the sisters. With the small house and simple dinner, it becomes clear that the series is high on reality. Additionally, the two elder sisters are subjected to unjust treatment at their workplace. Meanwhile, the little sister is afraid of dreaming.

Director Kim Hee Won adds these elements to make the series relatable for everyone. However, finding a bag with millions of dollars is a commoner’s dream. With the elder sister finding a bag with 70 million dollars, Little Women steps into the wildest dreams of an ordinary person.

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The director further talked about how she spent a lot of time casting the actors. Her criteria were that they had to be popular among the viewers and understand and adapt to the script. Kim Go Eun, who plays the eldest sister, says that she could not find a single reason to turn down the role. Moreover, her addition to the cast definitely sealed the deal for Little Women.

She was very grateful when the actors showed genuine interest in the script. Kim Hee Won says that Little Women is a fast-paced and interlaced storyline. Furthermore, she hopes the viewers will enjoy it. Check out the Kdrama on Netflix.

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